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-produced by M. Geddes Gengras + Paul Grimes
– ‘Late Summer’ out July 1 [pre-order]
STREAM: “We Can Find A Way”


rafi bookstaber
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“we’d like to welcome back our old friend rafi bookstaber. it’s all good…the immediate thing i felt when i jammed his “late summer” for the first time was wanting to hug life, cosmic love in the underground. this is a diff kind of human digitata, it’s sweet analog. you dig spring reverb, then maybe flesh it with sum RA-fi. pure jam. extended solos and explorations go from downtown woodland discord and eternal reverie to relatively clean rivers & beat earth poetics. pretty darlin’ indeed… what a vapor trail of music, very groovy to see folks finally catching up to this HEAD. dawn of a new vibration out of his occult pedigree in so many spaced out earth objects (death chants/aswara/von himmel/mendocino). bookstaber also logged golden hours with time-lag and that deep scene. the beginning of an ear and golden spirit juice. mined private press vision with his own azriel and humito imprints, shucked handmades -> there’s also his groove & howl with the wolfpack in the MV/EE axis. oxide, preserves and records…rafi hummed the music of maidens. iron maiden this is not, shipbuilding it sails, four sail and many years ago i was there, so was rafi’s FI. you dig apache? find some wampum, blow a journey, be here now for late summer eternal…”


matt “mv” valentine

rafi bookstaber_late summer
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Rafi Bookstaber
Late Summer
Release date: July 1, 2016 [pre-order]
1. we can find a way
2. you get high
3. ocean above you
4. in the shade
5. the crystal fire
6. blue eyes crying in the rain
7. (gonna be a) late summer
8. make up yr mind