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Ziemba is the performance moniker of René Kladzyk, a NYC-based artist and musician. Today she shares the video for “With The Fire,” the 2nd single from her forthcoming debut LP via FADER

“With the Fire” was shot in the ruins of Kladzyk’s childhood home in Forestville, Michigan. This house has sat abandoned for 20 years, but is still filled with all the things that were there when Kladzyk was a small child, now in an extreme state of dilapidation.

Here is a statement from Kladzyk about the video:

The ramshackle yellow house on Cedar street is where most of my dreams are located.  Its the setting of my fondest childhood memories, and my terrain of mythic fantasy.  It has sat there, uninhabited and decaying for twenty years now, filled with everything that was there when I was seven. The dressers are filled with my clothes, my toys are on the floor, my babysitters club books on the bookshelves.  Its all there- the couch I spent sick days lounging on, the first piano I played on, and its dying, subsumed by the mold, wasps, raccoons, and decay that call it home now.  

For years I have fantasized about paying tribute to the universe of my imagination that is centered around the house in Forestville.  Last summer I went to the house with Corey Tatarczuk, who was armed with a super-8 camera, and a pile of clothing owned by my grandmother and great-grandmother Ziemba, including the white suit that my gramma was married in (made by great-grandfather Ziemba).
We approached the house as a museum of my lost childhood, with me as docent.  I showed Corey and, through her camera, anyone else who wished to join the tour, the key sites of my youth.  We studied the wall of heights, the verdant ivy covering the barn, and the sweet hugging canopy of the weeping willow tree.  We zoomed on the merry-go-round across the street, skipped stones at the crick, and walked the short walk to Lake Huron’s deep blue waters.
In the video two little girls, ghosts of my sister and I, run about the property as friendly fire angels, the shade of their glow pulled from the color of the film burning at each end.  These little girls are dear friends of mine, the younger, Zola, and I share a birthday- she’ll be turning 7 soon on June 20th, the summer solstice.  Shortly after we filmed the little girls for the video I had a dream where I traveled to Forestville and met my childhood self there.  The little kid me told me that I come to visit her often, and she was not surprised to see me.

Kladzyk’s house provides a bittersweet encapsulation of the song and the album themes, demonstrating the passage of time through objects and traces. In this vein, her debut album will be accompanied by the release of a limited batch incense, created with cedar, lilacs, and other plants harvested from the verdant yard of Kladzyk’s childhood home.  Created in partnership with biodynamic herbalist & perfumier Pretty Hole Collective, this incense will be something to burn while listening, a material reminder of the creative capacity of destruction.

Ziemba is in the middle of a full US tour – full details are as follows:

06/23 – Las Cruces, NM – Art Obscura
06/24 – Record Release Party; El Paso, TX – Warszawa
06/26 – Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas
06/28 – Nashville, TN – Fond Object
06/29 – Asheville, NC – The Mothlight
06/30 – Atlanta, GA – Mammal Gallery
07/01 – Athens, GA – Ten Pins Tavern
07/02 – Richmond, VA – RSVP
07/03 – Baltimore, MD – The Crown
 ZIEMBA - Hope is Never
Hope Is Never

(Lo & Behold)

Street date: June 24, 2016


Track List:
1) It Curls Itself
2) Phantom See
3) El Paso
4) Set Me As A Seal
5) With the Fire
6) Rapture
7) Tiger Woman
8) Hope is Never
9) Hope is a Fold
10) Where Without