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Australia’s The Peep Tempel have a message for the far right in their new video for “Rayguns”
VIDEO: “Rayguns”
FLOOD / YouTube / SoundCloud


The video for “Rayguns” premiered at FLOOD who have an excellent write-up on the series of events that led to the song and video.


Joy follows their sophomore album Tales, that captured the attention of fans across Australia and was described as not only a near-perfect punk record, but a brutal look at contemporary suburban Australia. The album — featuring their breakthrough song ‘Carol— was critically acclaimed and shortlisted for the 2014 Australian Music Prize.

The Peep Tempel wrote Joy in their West Melbourne studio last summer and again collaborated with engineer Anna Laverty, to record and mix the album at Sing Sing Studios.

Central to Joy and The Peep Tempel’s earlier albums is vivid storytelling. Characters in their songs are personified by varying vocal styles, with the band’s rhythm section and off-kilter guitar sound, creating music that pounds, lurches and staggers around creating a perfect backdrop for each short story.

Vocalist and guitarist Blake Scott states, “with Joy, for the most part, is an exploration of the human state of mind. Human thought, is a pure and true chaos. We wanted the album to represent the full spectrum of that chaos. From the paranoid, yet elated “Totality” to the stark, isolated landscape of “Constable”.” 

The Peep Tempel explore the spectrum of human emotion on Joy, through stories, capturing songwriting and sound. “There was a definite indulgence throughout the creation of the album. During the writing process you roll and spit through so many emotions,” says Scott. With the benefit or more time in the studio, the band incorporate sounds, including: organ, piano, a spanner on steel and car engine, to add to the chaos. It is this measured indulgence, in addition to The Peep Tempel’s traditional guitar, bass and drum arrangements, that builds the foundation of a potentially timeless album.

Although still littered with the band’s trademark villainy and tales of darkness, this album is a celebration. Scott states, “we have been very fortunate as a band and as people to have The Peep Tempel and all that has come with it.”

‘Rayguns’ is the first track shared from the forthcoming album. Through the song’s pace, screaming guitar and pointed lyrics, The Peep Tempel attempt to capture the sense of carnival and hysteria, created by certain leaders and members of our community who stand to benefit from steering the disenfranchised and ill-informed down a path of intolerance, hate and fear.

Joy is The Peep Tempel’s third studio album and follows their acclaimed albums Tales (2014) and The Peep Tempel (2012). Joy will be available worldwide through Wing Sing via Redeye Worldwide on October 14. The Peep Tempel are touring nationally in Australia throughout November and December.


The Peep Tempel
[WingSing / RedEye] Release Date: Oct. 14, 2016
[Pre-order here]

1. Kalgoorlie
2. Totality
3. We You Forgot
4. Rayguns
5. Constable
6. Don’t Race
7. Alexander
8. Neuroplasticity
9. Go Slow
10. Brains