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The Blow announces series of WOMANPRODUCER events in NYC at National Sawdust feat. Neko Case, Zola Jesus, Deradoorian, Yuka C. Honda, Pauline Oliveros & More


“Name a music producer that’s a woman that you know. This is the issue.” – Suzi Analogue

WOMANPRODUCER is an exploration of women as creators of sonic worlds. Begun an internet-based resource of data on female and non-binary music producers, the project expands this fall at National Sawdust into a series of live events. In panel discussions and performances, the series is bringing together artists who are also producers from across a variety of genres and eras, such as Neko Case, Zola Jesus, Suzi Analogue and Pauline Oliveros. Many of the participants, although well-known as musicians and performers, have received much less exposure for being the authors of their own sound, a dynamic which persists with even the most renowned female producer-performers, such as Kate Bush or Missy Elliot. WOMANPRODUCERseeks to address this inconsistency. Each event will be documented with the aim of generating more materials to add to the ever growing body of information about sound creation and the diversity of artists contributing to the field. The WOMANPRODUCER series and website are the project of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne, of the NYC-based electronic duo The Blow.


10/18 –
The Blow & Pauline Oliveros Concert and Talk:

A conversation between Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich, (curators of WOMANPRODUCER and members of the band The Blow) and sonic pioneer Pauline Oliveros on the topic of sound production, acoustics, and listening.

10/20 –
WOMANPRODUCER Performance Night with Suzi Analogue, Deradoorian, Yuka C. Honda (of Cibo Matto), and Val-Inc

A night of performances by New York City based sonic innovators Suzi Analogue, Deradoorian, Yuka C. Honda, and Val-Inc.

10/25 –
WOMANPRODUCER Panel Discussion with Neko Case, Zola Jesus, Suzi Analogue and Miho Hatori (of Cibo Matto)

A panel discussion on the topic of music production, with participants Neko Case, Suzi Analogue, Zola Jesus and Miho Hatori. Each of the participants are artists who self-produce their own sounds. The data on female performers who are the authors of their own sound is often skewed by imagery and information about these artists as characters as opposed to creators. This panel provides a platform for conversation about the process of creating the sonic spaces inside of which artists perform. It will be moderated by Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich of The Blow.


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