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Dangerbird Records announces MICRODOSE – a new monthly event & singles series, launching Jan. 2017

RSVP now at

Dangerbird Records announces MICRODOSE, a monthly single release and live event series celebrating new music from our neighborhood (LA’s Eastside) and beyond. This platform will serve as a launchpad for up-and-coming artists, uniting and expanding our artistic community.  Monthly singles will include an A-side and B-side as well as a live show in celebration of the release. 

The series will launch on Jan. 12, 2017 with a release of a new single from Blonde Summer and live show that same night at Dangerbird Records. RSVP here

“A good old fashioned keg party for the artist, their community and the neighborhood as a whole.  Keep it simple. Make it fun. Do it again!” – Aaron Espinoza (A&R)

“Keeping the heart in Silver Lake, one dose at a time” – Peter Walker (Label Owner)