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Force Field artists & staff curate Anti V-Day Spotify Mix, Vol. III

Because, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is the worst!

Listen to it & wallow in despair with us here

1. Andy Shauf – “Wendell Walker”
Selected by Teen Daze
“This is easily the most depressing song I know.  Andy’s an incredible storyteller, and if you ever get a chance to see him play this song live, you won’t leave the same person.”

2. The Magnetic Fields – “All My Little Words”
Selected by Living Hour

3. The Wrens – “Happy”
Selected by Spiral Stairs
“Listened to this song a million times when i was in the atmosphere of break up love. Kills me every time”

4. Cocteau Twins – “Bluebeard”
Selected by Frankie Rose

5. Ricky Nelson – “Lonesome Town”
Selected by Living Hour

6. Ornella Vanoni – “L’appuntamento”
Selected by Imaginary People
“Falling in love and falling apart in one swoop. This Italian masterpiece was originally a Brazilian song from 1969 that was adapted into Italian and became a hit. It embodies brutal hopelessness.”

7. Carole King – “Crying In The Rain”
Selected by Flower Girl
“This song’s essentially a pro-tip for the broken-hearted… She lets the lovesick in on her trick, on “how to hide//all the sorrow and pain// I’ll do my crying in the rain.” Bellissimo!”

8. Hasil Adkins – “No More Hot Dogs”
Selected by Gothic Tropic
“A poignant tale of a lover’s betrayal and our hero’s quirky plan for revenge. This classic hit revises the heartbroken sentiment, with a ode to decapitation, and the revocation of the metaphorical hot dogs she so loved. Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day.”

9. Luna – “Slash Your Tires”
Selected by Daniel Gill of Force Field PR

10. Casiotone For the Painfully Alone – “I Love Creedence”
Selected by Living Hour

11. Elliott Smith – “Somebody That I Used To Know”
Selected by Deep Cuts
“Breakups are difficult and so is the fingerstyle guitar on this one.”

12. Richard & Linda Thompson – “Shoot Out The Lights”
Selected by Deep Cuts
“This track marks the end of two artists’ relationship together, both romantic and creative, and makes me think of taking long showers in the dark, trying to tune out the world. Also check out the sizzle on those cymbals!”

13. Beck – “Lost Cause”
Selected by Tashaki Miyaki

14. Waylon Jennings – “This Time”
Selected by Tashaki Miyaki

15. Kevin Coyne – “Are You Deceiving Me?”
Selected by Andrew Rinehart
“I first heard the song when Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Emmet Kelly covered it in their live show. They did a bang up job, but the original recording is a whole other level of bonkers.  Coyne really goes in, and he just keeps on going.  “I don’t like the bed. The bedhead is wrong.”  Somehow the most inane lines land the hardest.  An important reminder that love comes with all kinds of shadow sides.”

16. Richard Hell – “Betrayal Takes Two”
Selected by Daniel Gill of Force Field PR

17. Bob Dylan – “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”
Selected by Tashaki Miyaki

18. ELO – “From The End of The World”
Selected by Siamese
“Even though this is off an utterly flamboyant sci-fi synth-pop concept album, it’s still a very present, human song for those of us who fall in love with the right people at the wrong time. Jeff Lynne’s voice makes everything feel bittersweet.”

19. Leonard Cohen – “One of Us Cannot Be Wrong”
Selected by Daniel Gill of Force Field PR

20. Darondo – “Didn’t I”
Selected by Anton Hochheim of Force Field PR

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