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Physical shares new track “Islands” via NYLON,
from upcoming debut album ‘Ride It Out’

STREAM: “Islands”
SoundCloud / NYLON

(Photo Credit: Liz Platova – click image for high-res version)

Physical are Wellington, New Zealand based duo Julia Parr (Black City Lights), and Nik Brinkman (Junica, Over the Atlantic). They met in a karaoke bar in Chinatown, New York in 2013: They sang ‘Drive’ by The Cars.

In 2015, Nik approached Julia to write together as a contribution to his project Ghostwriters Collective. Twelve months and 8 tracks later, they had written and recorded their debut album, an unapologetically upbeat but dramatic pop record – ‘Ride it Out,’ out later this year (release date TBD). The record is about emotional survival for lovers and staying up late; a shout out to their deep mutual love for future R&B and synth pop.

Today the band shares the album’s latest single “Islands.” “I guess I’ve never really poured my own relationships into my songs before, but this album includes some of the most personal songs I’ve written,” Julia Parr explains. “Islands is about someone I met on her travels through New Zealand. We went on a lush island getaway together but when we settled back into real life I started to feel like I was tying her down to one place. Nik wanted to write a song about ‘paradise’ and the song Islands just fell into place. We wanted the track to evoke that floating feeling of being in paradise but with an unsteadiness; the feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t right.”

Stream “Islands” track over at NYLON and on SoundCloud.

Ride It Out
[Self Released] Release Date: TBD – 

1. Lost Cause
2. Breaking the Rules
3. In My Bedroom
4. Islands
5. You Can’t Have Me
6. Spinning
7. Ride It Out
8. Gold

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