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People Flavor share new track “No Vox” from Dangerbird’s MICRODOSE series

STREAM : “No Vox”

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Today, People Flavor share their new track “No Vox“, out now on Dangerbird Records.  “No Vox” follows the first single “Shake Well” from People Flavor in Dangerbird’s MICRODOSE series.  Click here to listen to “No Vox” on Spotify.

People Flavor is a four-piece rock band from Montebello, California. While new on the scene, the band can trace its genesis back to a teenaged solo project dreamt up by frontman Fernando Andrade,  along with best bro Byron Turner joining the process soon after. The pair then recruited high school cronies Giovanni Padilla and Andrew Valdez, to become the collaborative effort they are today.   Since rounding out the lineup in 2015,  People Flavor have been busy playing shows at house parties, DIY venues and some of Los Angeles’ most notable musical mainstays such as The Bootleg Theater, CIA, and Los Globos.

Continually crafted through the writing and recording process, their distinct sound incorporates jazz chords with post and dance-punk elements, delivering it all with 80’s new wave sensibility. The boys are heavily influenced by slinky Spanish rock and the refined cool of British tunes, evoking a likeness to both an Hispanic Duran Duran and early Radiohead. Contrasting with their dance-inducing grooves, the lyrics tend to focus on the more melancholic aspects of life and love, magically manipulating you into feeling good about being sad. Ultimately, People Flavor is a sonic experiment in self-expression geared towards finding yourself in others and finding the others in yourself.


MICRODOSE is a monthly single release and live event series celebrating new music from our neighborhood (LA’s Eastside) and beyond. This platform will serve as a launchpad for up-and-coming artists, uniting and expanding our artistic community.  Monthly singles will include an A-side and B-side, and each artist will perform live at Dangerbird’s Silver Lake based HQ/event space.

“A good old fashioned keg party for the artist, their community and the neighborhood as a whole.  Keep it simple. Make it fun. Do it again!” – Aaron Espinoza (A&R)

“Keeping the heart in Silver Lake, one dose at a time” – Peter Walker (Label Owner)

People Flavor
[Dangerbird Records] Street Date: February 10, 2017

1. Shake Well
2. No Vox