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Blonde Summer shares music video for “Sha La La” via Impose

“Sha La La” is part of the Dangerbird Records singles series MICRODOSE

“Sha La La”
Youtube / Impose

Today on Impose, Blonde Summer shares the music video for their single “Sha La La” — their latest single now available via Dangerbird Records (Silversun Pickups, Fitz and The Tantrums).

The A Side “Beer On Ice” and B Side “Sha La La”are both returns to what Chris Pope, the band’s mastermind, does best — telling stories thru fuzzed out vocals, of lazy days, wanderlust and liquor store romances.  The band’s stripped down approach to the “Beer On Ice/Sha La La” singles are a departure from last years electronic infused Paradise EP, resulting in a truer brand of rock that Blonde Summer fans have come to love over the bands 6 year, four-EP career.

Blonde Summer’s Chirs Pope admits “there was a bit of hibernation” following the Paradise EP.  A necessary period where the band could get back to their roots. Hang out with their girlfriends, find jobs, quit jobs and get lost.

The downtime and head clearing has resulted in this years Beer On Ice/Sha La La single.  Simple songs of true love.  Sung thru shitty microphones,  played with broken guitars and captured on 30 year old cassette recorders.   Sunburned to perfection.

Blonde Summer
Sha La La
[Dangerbird Records]