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A. Sinclair shares second track “Just Remind Me” for Dangerbird Series MICRODOSE

MICRODOSE is a monthly single release and live event series by Dangerbird Records
celebrating new music from LA’s Eastside and beyond

“Just Remind Me”
Soundcloud / MXDWN

Photo Credit : Dave Creaney

Today, on MXDWN, Aaron Sinclair shares his first track “Just Remind Me” on Dangerbird’s MICRODOSE series.  “Just Remind Me” is out tomorrow, Friday June 15 but you can stream it over at MXDWN and on Soundcloud here

Every song that Aaron Sinclair writes has a certain underlying feeling. SPIN described it as “twitchy paranoia.” Baeble sensed a “strungout urgency” in his voice, while the Austin Chronicle called his music “tension-driven” with “tight, rough riffs and sharp post-punk lines” – a “mastered fusion of indie jams and roots music.”

It’s surprising then, that in person, Sinclair is a quiet guy – reserved, humble, and even-keeled. Not one for self-promotion, he often shies away from putting himself in the spotlight. As Paste put it, he “lets the music speak for itself.”

Once he takes the stage with his band, though, Sinclair holds nothing back, thrashing and slurring through a musical catalogue consisting of dozens (if not hundreds) of songs he’s written over his years in the DIY rock trenches, beginning in Boston as a teenager before moving to Austin several years ago. It’s that straightforward, working class style, along with a penchant for writing extremely smart pop hooks that has earned his band a loyal following around the country.

Following last year’s powerful release ’Get Out Of The City,’ which Boston Herald called “a brilliant album from start to finish, stuffed with a dozen intelligent, heartfelt, tense, nervous, edgy rocks,” A. Sinclair will release two singles for Dangerbird’s MICRODOSE.


MICRODOSE is a monthly single release and live event series celebrating new music from our neighborhood (LA’s Eastside) and beyond. This platform will serve as a launchpad for up-and-coming artists, uniting and expanding our artistic community.  Monthly singles will include an A-side and B-side, and each artist will perform live at Dangerbird’s Silver Lake based HQ/event space.
“A good old fashioned keg party for the artist, their community and the neighborhood as a whole.

 Keep it simple. Make it fun. Do it again!” – Aaron Espinoza (A&R)
“Keeping the heart in Silver Lake, one dose at a time” – Peter Walker (Label Owner)

Tour Dates
06/18 – Austin, TX – KLBJ Sunset Concert Series
06/21 – Austin, TX – Fine Southern Gentlemen

A. Sinclair
[Dangerbird Records] “Just Remind Me
Street Date: June 15, 2017