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Deep Cuts shares new single “Friends” ft. Charles & covers Sade

STREAM: “Friends” (ft. Charles) –
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STREAM: “Hang On To Your Love” (Sade cover) –
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(Album art credit: Anthony Flores / Press photo credit: Jay Tovar)

“Friends” started with another one of Those Parties you end up at, another night out surrounded by people whose company you only halfway enjoy, another night of drink x/smoke y/take z. Early drafts of the lyrics came out caustic and even more antisocial than than those in the finished song. As we spent more time with the track, though, we found its aggression out of character with our music and, ultimately, ourselves. The finished “Friends” starts with the real malaise we get from Those Parties, but ends up in a more optimistic (or at least pleasantly stoned) mindset. You might hit the party alone, but you don’t have to leave it that way.

Deep Cuts is a group of musicians spearheaded by songwriters Chase Harris and Zach Alderman. The classically-trained pair piece together refined schmaltz tunes from winding guitar lines, synth pad beds with the DX7, and vintage 707 and 727 drum machines. What results is a venture from their latin indie rock roots into pop territory, with undertones ranging from salsa romantica to jazz fusion. They realize their songs live with a crack team of Houston players including Children of Pop mastermind Chase DeMaster. Following a string of self-released singles and EPs, the band will soon complete their first full length record with Grammy award-winning engineer Steve Christiansen.

Tour Dates:
july 27, 2017     Cheer Up Charlie’s (Austin, TX)
july 7, 2017     Alphaville (New York, NY)
june 29, 2017     White Oak Music Hall (Houston, TX)
june 9, 2017     FM (Houston, TX)
june 3-4, 2017     Free Press Summer Fest (Houston, TX)
may 14, 2017     House Show (Katy, TX)
may 12, 2017     Martian Arts Fest (San Marcos, TX)
april 27, 2017     The Secret Group w/ Whitney (Houston, TX)

Deep Cuts
Friends (single)
[Very Jazzed] Release Date: June 16, 2017