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Somewhere Anywhere’ is out today on Tim Presley’s Birth Records

Watch : “Somewhere Anywhere” –
Youtube / Northern Transmissions

Today on Northern Transmissions, The Mad Walls share the music video for the title track of their album.  Somewhere Anywhere is out today on Birth Records.  Click here to pre-order the album.

“I happened across Somewhere Anywhere like a troll… walking down web street, I walked by a window playing music and clicked on a door. I saw a rock in the middle of the room, and I looked underneath it. The moment I heard the title track “Somewhere Anywhere,” I thought I had unearthed a rarity, an old bootleg or new music from a lost group. The best part was that it came from the living, a band playing music at this very time in space. (This) (is) draped-static-dim-seed-Los-Angeles-music, a flame that gets passed on down and through the avenues. Designed to be found. This mini-album floats in its own universe, and is on repeat. That is all I am allowed to say about it. Las Murallas Mad.” —Tim Presley 

“The Mad Walls formed in Los Angeles in 2016, led by frontman/songwriter Christopher Mercado. The band started as a personal recording project, with early demo recordings that were captured on a four-track cassette recorder. With the addition of drummer Johnathan Martin, the duo have made music that highlights their influences from earlier sonic pioneers, blending styles, and adding depth to their frenetic pursuit of a post-psychedelic sound. Brushing against the Los Angeles landscape, The Mad Walls offer a subdued but exploratory vision of sound and fury.” —Sam Brown

The Mad Walls
Somewhere Anywhere
Birth Records
[Order LP / Digital] Street Date: August 11, 2017

1. Lily
2. She’s So Wise
3. Really Think So
4. Somewhere Anywhere
5. Waiting For Tomorrow
6. Selfish Hands