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VIDEO: “Less Than Perfect” –
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Today The Spook School shares the second single and video from its eagerly anticipated third album Could It Be Different?, due Jan. 26, 2018 on Slumberland Records and Alcopop! in the UK.  Check out “Less Than Perfect” via Stereogum. The band has also announced a full North American tour in early 2018 supporting Diet Cig (see full list of dates below).

“A theatrical indie pop band that embrace’s life’s misinterpretations and messiness…their noise-pop jams remain as joyful as ever” – Pitchfork

“The Spook School are that rare and beautiful thing: a band with something to say.” – The Guardian

“Societal norms and gender stereotypes are in the crosshairs of these threadbare tunes…trans love songs that hit home no matter your orientation.” – NPR

“Dance music for introverts, love songs for people who are too shy to be in love” – Stereogum

If a debut LP is an artist’s introduction to the world and their sophomore release is their now-or-never moment, their third is their most cathartic: they’ve made it out, they’re here. Glasgow,
Scotland’s indiepop optimists The Spook School, despite personal and political obstacle, made it
out, and their latest full-length Could It Be Different? is here. It’s been a journey of self-
discovery and feel-good realism; modern, dance-friendly indiepop fueling the fun. They made a
name for themselves for their exultant and empowering pop, and now, they’ve shown real
growth in nuance.

The Spook School are Nye Todd (guitar/vocals), Anna Cory (bass/vocals), Adam Todd
(guitar/vocals) and Niall McCamley (drums). Since forming in 2012, they’ve released two
records to critical acclaim: 2013’s Dress Up, a gender-binary eradicating release—noisy, cheery
pop critical of social construction and its limitations, and 2015’s Try to Be Hopeful, a celebration
of queer and trans identities from a place of newfound self-assurance. The band, whose name
originates from the Glasgow School, have lived a lot of life since then: Could It Be Different? was
written from space that follows aplomb. “You’re comfortable with yourself, as much as you
ever can be but you have to live with that person anyway,” Nye says of the record, “There are
more questions than answers. That’s why the title works well—it has that insecurity to it.”
Adam agrees, “It also comes from a place of feeling like everything definitely isn’t alright now,”
pausing. “Maybe things could change?”

Could It Be Different? Is, well, different—it’s a collaborative album of personal storytelling that
works through life’s hardships with positivity—even at their most beaten down, The Spook
School manage to find hope free of naivety. That’s clear the second the album opens with “Still
Alive,” and its ascending chorus (and soon-to- be crowd favorite) of “Fuck You, I’m Still Alive,”
written by Nye after surviving an emotionally abusive relationship. The song avoids villainizing
the past, instead, it celebrates the present and welcomes the unknown future.

The energy of working through the wicked exists all over Could It Be Different? “Bad Year”
makes personal connections with universal ennui, the debilitating feeling of an atrocious
political climate and the desire to do better.

“I wrote the lyrics the day after the Brexit vote in the U.K. I was feeling very despondent,” Nye explains. “There’s this pressure when something bad happens, to immediately be able to cope and know exactly what to do. Sometimes you need to take a moment for understanding before making a contribution.” In “Body,” the band struggles with image while coming to terms with the criticality of self-love. For Nye, it’s a present journey after learning to embrace his trans identity. “Less Than Perfect” and closer “High School” recall youthful insecurity and the road to becoming comfortable with who you are—self-consciousness isn’t something we all grow out of, but it’s something we all can relate to—adolescence can be traumatizing, but learning to love yourself is invaluable.

Could It Be Different? is a human release—a record full of the insecurities and anxiety that
arrive after self-awareness, in learning something new and potentially frightening about
yourself. But at it’s heart is joy—there’s no desolation on the LP, because The Spook School
manage to find light in moments of darkness. All things glum must pass—even if hope comes
only in the form of acceptance.

“We try to take sad songs and not shy away from them, but come out thinking ‘things will change.’ Otherwise everything would be dreadful and I feel bad enough as it is,” Niall laughs. “We need a bit of light in our lives.” Adam agrees, “We started this for fun. We want our shows to be fun. We want the people who come to our shows to feel welcomed, and to have fun. There’s a bit of party in our songs, no matter what the subject matter is.” Why cry when you can dance?

Press photo by Jender Anomie


01-03 Dundee, Book Yer Ane Fest XI
22 Glasgow, O2 ABC


01/29 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place # ^
01/30 Toronto, ON @ The Garrison # ^
01/31 Detroit, MI @ Marble Bar # ^
02/01 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge # &
02/02 Madison, WI @ University of Wisconsin # &
02/03 Minneapolis, MN @ University of Minnesota # &
02/05 Lawrence, KS @ White Schoolhouse #
02/06 Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge & #
02/07 Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge #
02/08 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court #
02/09 Boise, ID @ Neurolux # &
02/10 Vancouver, BC @ The Cobalt # &
02/11 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey #
02/12 Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theater #
02/14 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop #
02/15 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst # &
02/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room #
02/17 San Diego, CA @ You Are Going To Hate This Fest 3 #
02/19 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress # &
02/21 Austin, TX @ Sidewinder # &
02/22 Dallas, TX @ Three Links # &
02/23 New Orleans, LA @ Hi Ho Lounge # &
02/24 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade # &
02/25 Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight # &
02/26 Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre # &
02/27 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle # &
02/28 Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel # &
03/01 Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere # &
03/02 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall # &
03/03 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church # &

# = w/ Diet Cig
^ = w/ Lala Lala
& = w/ Great Grandpa

The Spook School
Could It Be Different?
(Slumberland / Alcopop!)
Street Date: Jan. 26, 2018

Track List:

1. Still Alive
2. Best of Intentions
3. Less Than Perfect
4. Keep in Touch
5. Bad Year
6. Alright (Sometimes)
7. I Only Dance When I Want To
8. Hope She Loves You
9. While You Were Sleeping
10. Body
11. High School