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“Otherworldly melodies and moods” –Self-titled

“Indridi creates a fragile and intimate atmosphere.” -The Line of Best Fit

“Indridi’s voice feels weighted down with emotion, with experience…Really rather special.” -Clash

“What starts with simplicity is artfully taken to a superior level…gorgeously delicate.” -JaJaJa Music

Today Berlin-based Icelander Indridi announces his heartfelt, intimate new album ding dingthrough Shahzad Ismaily’s  figureight records on May 18th.

Initially rising into public awareness through the might of his guitar playing with Icelandic punk-hardcore kings Muck, as a solo artist Indridi has found his songwriting developing into sparse and magical territory. This newfound aesthetic of softly-woven acoustic guitar, voice, and subtle arrangements began to develop on his 2016 debut Makril, and now, on ding ding, is elevated to a deeply touching new level of melancholic and delicate expression. This new album bears a similar weight of poignancy and depth as Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s at his most raw, combined with a lyrical wit and delivery much like Sun Kil Moon and a beautiful, uniquely off-balance unpredictability (sometimes with throat singing, sometimes Icelandic drug slang, sometimes theremin-led soundscapes).

Recorded live in various spaces in Reykjavik and Berlin with a handful of collaborators – including musicians / recordists Tumi Árnason and Albert Finnbogason, and Icelandic super-drummer Magnus Trygvason Eliassen – ding ding marks an artist with the extraordinary ability to transport himself directly into the room with the listener. Indridi sings his soft confessionals so closely that the sheer joy of music making traverses ding ding’s planes of heartache and solitude. From opener ‘Amma’, its hushed vocals, its sparkling steelpan-mimicking guitar lines, to the Dinosaur Jr-turned-poetic drive of ‘December’, Indridi finds a way in, deep into the soul.

Much of this closeness extends from the heart-opening purity of Indridi’s desire for expression. ding ding covers “family matters, death, depression, love and substance abuse for the most part,” he writes. Many of his lyrics hit these themes head-on, intensely personal and intimate. Both uncompromising in their honesty and unflinching in their delivery.

Indridi has been described in print as “iconic, idiosyncratic.” ding ding is the album to cement this reputation.

ding ding
Street Date: May 18, 2018

Track List:

1. Amma
2. December
3. Soft Rock
5. Summermania
6. Halloween
7. Tinder
8. STD
9. Amy
10. Hvorteðer
11. Skúlagata