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Psychic Cruise’ EP will be out April 20th

Listen : “Psychic Cruise”
Soundcloud / Self-Titled

Photo Credit : Gregory Frederick

Are you ready to go on a Psychic Cruise, my friend?  Well strap in. Yet again, Honey Radar.  What can you possibly say by now that’s not totally redundant at this point?  Lo-fi master-class pop handyman rock sketches in the vein of Pavement or Syd Barrett.  Questions?  I didn’t think so.  “Psychic Cruise” is the third proper single that Chunklet has been fortunate enough to release by the Philly band and is streaming now on Self-Titled.  More splayed noise.  More reverb.  More racket.  More hooks.  Repeat.  Five new jams.  Never heard before.  New Honey Radar will always be celebrated at Chunklet HQ.  We’re told that next in the Honey Radar series will be a Fall tribute single featuring Chunklet’s Henry Owings.  What will they be called?  Henry Radar.  Coming Fall ’18.


05/03 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church*

* = w/ No Age

Honey Radar
‘Psychic Cruise’
Chunklet Industries
[Pre-Order Physical / Digital] Street Date: April 20, 2018

Track Listing:

1. United Fox
2. Knocked Out
3. Psychic Cruise
4. Medium Mary Todd
5. Moon Director (Version Three)