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The Brazen Youth announces new LP, shares two new tracks via Substream

STREAM: “Back of My Mind / Death:posed”
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The Brazen Youth announces its sophomore LP, Primitive Initiative (out Aug. 17, 2018), with the release of two new songs “Back of My Mind / Death:posed” which premiered at Substream Mag and can be streamed everywhere now.

The band told Substream, “In ‘Death:posed,’ we were really trying to create sonic progression through the use of dynamic and melodic sources, rather than through the usage of chordal structure. And honestly, if one were to listen to the chordal structure, they’d notice that the song is basically a loop of the same three chords — which slowly grow larger with new tensions. We thought that tensions within the chords might have an interesting function in giving the song more certainty, or more frustration within the concept. After the chorus, the riff enters the song. We wanted this portion to sound inevitable, or as if it’s the only possible sound that should exist in that moment. The chords stay the same, the instrumentation basically stays the same — however, each instrument with the capability of doing so progresses dynamically, until the song explodes.”

Nicholas Lussier and Charles Dahlke formed the Brazen Youth within the otherworldly vacuum of the 300-year-old Ashlawn Farm, located in Lyme, Connecticut. Timeless and freeing, Ashlawn served as a perfect birthplace of the Brazen Youth’s 2016 debut, The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man. A heavily conceptual record, Ever Dying is a world with endless nooks in which you can lose yourself, containing meticulous threads of layered tracks and arrangements that shift within songs like tectonic plates, all within an organic and atmospheric gloss of emotionally riveting, lyric-driven songs. Upon adding Micah Rubin to the band’s lineup in 2017, the Brazen Youth emerged with a wild-spirited presence into the East Coast scene, soon gaining an empowered and fresh fan base. The Brazen Youth is currently diving into a new, primitive mind-frame for their next record, Primitive Initiative, to be released this August.

Press photo by Tobias Broucke


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