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STREAM: Jacuzzi Boys – “Song For The Man” – 
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STREAM: D.A. Stern – “I Don’t Know” –
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Twenty years after the Beastie Boys first said “Hello Nasty” to the world, D.A. Stern and Jacuzzi Boys are teaming up to celebrate its birthday in the form of a split 7” of covers brought to you by Slumberland Records. Focusing on two fan-favorite deep cuts, the three JBs and one D.A. chose songs that showcase the Beasties’ unique versatility while offering messages of mindfulness, emblematic of their later career.

“Song For the Man,” a Horovitz-penned feminist anthem originally steeped in Sixties psychedelia now sees a garage treatment that only Jacuzzi Boys could deliver while “I Don’t Know,” once an Adam Yauch bossa nova standout, gets the D.A. Stern treatment replete with jangly guitars and sun-drenched backing vocals supplied by Felicia Douglass (Dirty Projectors, Ava Luna). The Beasties were about a lot more than just fighting for your right to party, and this great single is a fitting tribute to their depth in miniature form.

D.A. Stern / Jacuzzi Boys
Nosh Lately? split 7″

pre-order here
digital release date: August 3, 2018
physical release date: September 14, 2018

Track List:

A: D.A. Stern “I Don’t Know”
AA: Jacuzzi Boys “Song For The Man”