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Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni is coming to vinyl via Wax Audio Group & Harper Collins

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“You can take that wax out of your ears
and be sure your needle is sharp
wrap yourself in a light weight quilt
and a lover in your arms
and embrace Love Poems
Winter, after all, is coming.
We may as well get ready”
—Nikki Giovanni, July 2018

The poetry of Nikki Giovanni has spurred movements, turned hearts and informed generations. It also notably inspired the work of one Tupac Shakur (“All Eyez On U” which is included here, was written upon his passing). Her latest collection, Love Poems, embodies the fearless passion and spirited wit for which she is beloved and revered.

HarperAudio is proud to announce Love Poems Vinyl, on sale Oct. 15, 2018.

Listen to a sample here:

With this release, HarperAudio continues its partnership with Wax Audio Group and Think Indie that began with the publication of Dark Carousel Vinyl by Joe Hill in April 2018.

Says HarperAudio Publisher Ana Maria Allessi, “What a joy it is to share the sound of Nikki
reading her work with a wider audience. What fun it is to work with Wax and ThinkIndie to
expand the distribution of our stellar recordings.”

Please address media inquiries to Beth Ives, Associate Director of Marketing, HarperAudio:

Love Poems Includes:
• 53 Poems
• 1 Record
• Original artwork and colorful record
• MP3 download of all the poems

Love Poems Vinyl, Track List
Side A:
1. Opening Credits 0:39
2. Dedication 0:33
3. What It Is 1:01
4. Kidnap Poem 0:34
5. I Wrote a Good Omelet 0:35
6. Communication 0:29
7. Love Is 0:30
8. Seduction 0:58
9. My House 1:21
10. Just a Simple Declaration of Love 1:04
11. Beautiful Black Men 1:07
12. You Were Gone 0:27
13. Cancers 1:17
14. A Greater Love of God and Country 2:02
15. For Tommy 0:29
16. Mothers 1:30
17. When Gamble and Huff Ruled 3:28
18. Are You There 1:06

Side B:
1. And Yeah…This Is A Love Poem 5:46
2. For Theresa 0:54
3. All Eyez On U 4:05
4. A Theory of Pole Beans 1:35
5. Poetry Is a Trestle 0:51
6. Love in Place 0:54
7. Resignation 2:30
8. When I Nap 0:25
9. How Do You Write a Poem 1:17
10. You Came, Too 0:36
11. I Take Mastercard (Charge Your Love to Me) 0:47
12. Outro Credits 0:56

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