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Belaver shares debut single/video “Driver”; announces album ‘True Love of Crime’ 
‘True Love of Crime’ is due April 26

Stream: “Driver”
Youtube / Soundcloud / Austin Town Hall

Photo Credit:  Dustin Reid

Belaver is a singer, songwriter and musician in New York City.

Drawing influences from icons Neil Young and David Bowie as well as alt-country stars like Bill Callahan and Townes Van Zandt, Belaver creates melancholic pop music with elements of goth, folk, lo-fi, indie rock, and electronic music.

With droning synths and crawling drums Belaver’s “Driver” draws us into a dream of lovers on the run, accepting all possible fates while maintaining impossible hope.

Belave (buh-lay-ve) means ‘to wash all over’ or ‘to refresh, strengthen oneself, rest’ —

Belaver (bell-ah-ver) is ‘one who washes over’ or ‘one who is refreshing in rest.’

True Love of Crime
(Feel Bad Records)
Release Date: April 26, 2019

Track List:

1. Prisoner
2. Partner
3. Doer
4. Swimmer
5. Dancer
6. Vampire
7. Grave Robber
8. Finder
9. Driver