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Force Field artists & staff curate Anti V-Day Spotify Mix, Vol. V

Listen to it & cry with us here

1. The Shangri-Las – “He Cried”
Selected by The Ophelias

“I played this on my first valentine’s playlist on college radio. It was a half love songs, half breakup songs playlist. I remember being nineteen, sitting in the low-lit dorm basement where the station was located, and fully indulging in the melodrama of the Shangri-Las while thinking about some asshole who didn’t love me back.”

2. Natalia Lafourcade – “Nunca es Suficiente”
Selected by Harmless

“I am guilty of crying to this song every single time I hear it. Always at the same line. The song is about someone never being enough for you because you love them too much. Yet they don’t do enough for you to love you back. The line that makes me cry is “My heart is exploding in pain, how can I evade it fracturing me? You’re so used to being in love, that you can’t see that I am not like this.””

3. Robert Wyatt – “Just As You Are”
Selected by Collapsing Scenery

4. Prado – “Likeline”
Selected by The Blow

“This song soaks right into all our sad cracks, in the warm smooth way like Sade can get in there. Prado performed with us in Vancouver and we were like yes, Sade-vibe music made by a young Black and Aboriginal Canadian woman is exactly what we have been needing. The rap in the middle rolls out so soft and sad and angry, such a soothing container for crummy feelings.”

5. Louie Duffelbags – “Fucking For a Reason”
Selected by Hanzo

“A sadboy anthem from probably my favorite artist of all time.”

6. The Magnetic Fields – “Love Is Like A Bottle of Gin”
Selected by Andrew Rinehart

“It could make you regret your birth
Or turn cartwheels in your best suit
It costs a lot more than it’s worth
And yet there is no substitute”

Ain’t that the cold, hard truth

7. Los Panchos – “Nosotros”
Selected by Harmless

“It’s a song about acknowledging that despite being so desperately in love with one another the best thing to do is say goodbye. They even say it! Translating it says “We lack so much tenderness, I love you with my soul. I swear that I adore you, but in the name of this love and for your own good, I say goodbye””

8. My Bloody Valentine – “You Never Should”
Selected by Daniel Gill of Force Field PR

9. High Water – “Changed The Locks”
Selected by Belaver

10. Elliott Smith – “Everything Reminds Me Of Her”
Selected by Deep Cuts

11. Bird Names – “Nobody Loves Me”
Selected by J Fernandez

12. This Mortal Coil – “Song To The Siren”
Selected by Eerie Wanda

“One of the most beautiful and painful songs ever about doomed love. Perfect to let those tears run out of you.”

13. Kate Bush – “Hounds of Love”
Selected by Reaches

“Although rewarding, the process of falling in love, being vulnerable and trusting another person is frequently terrifying and somewhat painful.”

14. Yo La Tengo – “The Crying of Lot G”
Selected by Living Hour

15. Leonard Cohen – “One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong”
Selected by Living Hour

16. Dolly Parton – “Jolene”
Selected by Sophie Meiers

17. John Hartford – “The Eve of Parting”
Selected by John Cohill of Force Field PR

18. Smog – “Dress Sexy At My Funeral”
Selected by Living Hour

19. ABBA – “The Winner Takes it All”
Selected by Elva

20. Chief Keef – “Aint Missing You”
Selected by Fifty Grand

21. OMD – “So In Love”
Selected by Rare DM

“Oh man I am so in love. This is a great heartbreak song. I go back and forth if wondering if I’m more of the ‘singer’ or the ‘sung to’ in this song. Does that make sense? Where’d my Valentine go? I was supposed to have a Valentine this year. Why did I choose this song again? Do I still wanna be in love? How many times have I cried to this song? It was this or Lacrimosa. Damn.”

22. Vera November – “Our Last Night Together”
Selected by Elva

23. TV Girl – “Birds Don’t Sing”
Selected by Get A Life

24. Harry Nilsson – “You’re Breakin’ My Heart”
Selected by Jonny Kosmo

“I love this song because it’s so raw and simple. Harry makes a “fuck you” sound so lovely.”

25. ‘Til Tuesday – “Voices Carry”
Selected by John Cohill of Force Field PR