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Watch Andrew Rinehart’s new video via The FADER, a very real eulogy for a relationship

The video, which features Rinehart and his former romantic partner’s actual home videos, plays like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind compressed down to 9 minutes

VIDEO: “They Say” –
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Andrew Rinehart and his former romantic partner Rachel Len Cary had a wildly tumultuous 2-year relationship.  After a lengthy separation, and an agreement to stay on their separate paths, the two eventually decided to collaborative on a music video for one of Rinehart’s songs (’They Say’), interspersing actual archival home video / cell phone footage from the early days of their relationship with present day / post-breakup footage shot by their friend Danielle Bartley. The intention behind making the video together was to find some sort of closure – read Andrew’s full statement on the song & video at The FADER.

Video made by Andrew Rinehart, Rachel Len Cary and Danielle Bartley. Cover artwork made by Greg Sheppard.

Rinehart is a Louisville, KY native who has, for the last 5 years or so, paid his dues bouncing around the usual bigger-city zones.  He was one of the original 10 founders of the influential Body Actualized Center in Brooklyn, and more recently threw shows at Basic Flowers, a DIY space in downtown LA which Ariel Pink co-funded.  Now on the verge of exiting the purgatory of grad school, Rinehart is currently in the process of releasing a series of singles (“Off On A Roll…” being the first), all of which explore the inscrutable ups and downs inherent to that age-old pleasure/torture device: love.

Andrew Rinehart
They Say
[SonaBlast] Street Date: March 20, 2019