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Bedroom returns with “Count to Five,” a raw piano dream via Atwood Magazine

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Atwood Magazine / SoundCloud

“Count to Five” is Noah Kittinger’s first proper release under the Bedroom moniker in 3 years. Give the new single a listen here .

Regarding the track Kittinger stated “A while back I decided to stop making music with this project. I wanted to try other avenues which led to an EP under my own name, which then led to a hiatus of some sort. I never wasn’t working on stuff, I just didn’t see a vision for it anywhere like I did with the early Bedroom releases. After bouncing from wall to wall, I decided to bring the project back. I enlisted the help of Paul Kintzing of German Error Message – I always knew he also lived in Nashville, but we never linked. After a fan tweet that included both of us, we ended up getting together. I explained to him I was having a hard time getting any music finished, I was stuck in place creatively. A week or so later we got into his studio and began working right away. This is just one of the things that we’ve recorded in that space so far. Enjoy.

Bedroom is the work of singer-songwriter & producer Noah Kittinger. Beginning as a recording project when Kittinger was just 16, his releases under the moniker are characterized by honest songwriting coupled with catchy hooks, beautiful melodic sensibility, and a memorable homemade sound.

Kittinger began a steady stream of releases in 2012 with the Toys EP. Vivid, a mixtape featuring rough ideas and works in progress, followed later that year. These early works garnered praise from several media outlets and began the growth of a dedicated fanbase.

Bedroom’s first full-length LP, Grow, was made during a time of transition in Kittinger’s life. Written and recorded at the age of 17, and released in 2014 when Kittinger turned 18. The album cataloged Kittinger’s experiences with his own growth into adulthood. After the release of Grow, Kittinger took the project on the road, embarking on his first DIY tour.

After returning from the tour, and a year after the release of Grow, Bedroom went on hiatus as Kittinger took a step back from the project. He remained busy, working on new songs under his own name and released an EP, Bloom. Bloom showed growth from Kittinger’s earlier work with Bedroom, exploring electronic influences with samples and new production techniques.

In 2018 Kittinger continued to tour, playing songs from Bedroom and Bloom, packing out venues with new and old fans on his first West Coast tour. In early 2019, Kittinger officially announced the return of Bedroom and promised new music from the project in 2019.

Count to Five”

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