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Bananagun premieres “Crane In The Tiger’s Mouth” via Surviving the Golden Age; ‘Do Yeah’ is out on September 6th

‘Do Yeah’ 7″ is due September 6th
pre-order the limited edition 7″ here

STREAM: “Crane In The Tiger’s Mouth” –
Surviving the Golden Age / SoundCloud

Today Bananagun premieres the final track from their upcoming 7″ “Crane In The Tiger’s Mouth” via Surviving the Golden Age. Check it out here. Regarding the sunny woodwind centric single the band stated  “I guess sometimes you can feel like a fragile crane and the powers that be have got you in their jaw, you’ll have to rise above or the tiger will swipe you down! Soar high little birdie for the night sky is and endless plane of dreams.”

There are some records that you come across that sound like you’ve discovered an unearthed gem from a previous decade; a lost moment in musical history that has cruelly been sat gathering dust in a record shop for years. From the opening seconds of Bananagun’s “Do Yeah” – which stirs to life in an intoxicating blend of 1970s afrobeat, fuzzed out psychedelia and immersive pop – this very much feels like the case of discovering something special.

There’s a deeply percussive element to the band’s psychedelic ode to mother nature, touching upon Fela Kuti-esque repetitions, exotica, jazz and 1960s pop-rock. Much like a lot of the influences it filters into its own unique spin on it all, it’s intended as “music for the people” – a unifying groove that spans genres. Even the seemingly innocuous band name has an underlying message of connectivity that matches the universality of the music. “It’s like non-violent combat! Or the guy who does a stick up but it’s just a banana, not a gun, and he tells the authorities not to take themselves too seriously.” This extends to the underlying message of their debut single too: “try to love and not hate because you’re the one who has to carry it around.”

Do Yeah 7″
(Full Time Hobby)
[click here to pre-order] Street Date: September 6, 2019

Track List:

A1. Do Yeah
B1. Top Cat
B2. Crane in the Tiger’s Mouth