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Kal Marks’ ‘Let The Shit House Burn Down‘ EP is out today via Exploding in Sound Records

STREAM: Let The Shit House Burn Down

Kal Marks’ Let The Shit House Burn Down EP is out today via Exploding in Sound Records; stream the EP here.

“the band have never sounded this good, as they unleash an aggressive assault on both the climate catastrophe and personal demons. Kal Marks’ ability to find the sweet spot where folk and metal intertwine — a demilitarized zone most of us thought didn’t exist — will leave you screaming and crying in the same chorus. … Kal Marks’ decade-long career has had many peaks, but Let the Shit House Burn Down could be the highest — so far” (8/10) – Exclaim!

There’s nothing pretty about Kal Marks’ new record, an album rooted in feelings of failure and a decline of faith in humanity. What it lacks in positive sentiments it makes up for in honesty and a hope for change. The themes of Let The Shit House Burn Down carry beyond the album’s exceptional title and into the music itself; a batch of songs that band weren’t always sold on prior to recording. It was only after the Boston based trio hit the studio that they realized they had created a strong and cohesive set of new music, capturing what could be considered their best performances and their best sounding recording to date. It’s another triumphant collision of sludge, folk, and art punk – deliberately unhinged and primal in a way that has become unique to Kal Marks.

Considered veterans of the Boston DIY scene, Kal Marks has been going for over a decade, constantly pushing themselves and growing along the way. Their tireless work ethic keeps them out on the road, throughout the US and most recently their first tour of Europe and the UK. While many bands settle into a comfortable place, Kal Marks take pride in expanding their sound, contorting and reshaping the formula with every album they’ve released. They’ve challenged their audience over the years and its been met with adoration and critical acclaim from outlets like NPR, Pitchfork, Fader, and Stereogum. Known for being one of the loudest and heaviest “indie rock” bands out there, they’ve shared bills with Big Business, Black Midi, The Messthetics, METZ, True Widow, and more. Their explosive live show is built on feedback and cathartic aggression, an outlet to exorcise the weight of the world around us.

Continuing on from the sonically adventurous Universal Care LP, Kal Marks drew inspiration for their latest from the dark and dusty folk of Nick Cave and Tom Waits to the bludgeoning art metal of Sumac, finding the unique common ground that resides in-between. Heavy and insightful, brilliantly composed, and brutally free, Let The Shit House Burn Down is dense and emotionally crippling. Everyone feels like a failure from time to time, and for Carl Shane, the only way out is to fight your way out, with a set of songs that are both aware of his mental sabotage while clawing towards change. The anxiety comes in both personal detachment and for the world at large as we slink ever deeper toward climate change’s oncoming destruction. It’s a record that surveys all it sees and doesn’t like the results, that sinking feeling of despair and decay. Kal Marks are pushing back against it all however, one colossal riff and one intricate rhythmic stampede at a time.

Tour Dates

9/27 Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar
9/28 Toronto @ Duffy’s
9/29 Kalamazoo, MI @ Candy Cane Lane
9/30 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean downstairs
10/1 St. Louis, MO @ Nu Craig
10/2 Fayetteville, AR @ Backspace
10/3 Denton, TX @ J&Js
10/4 Austin, TX @ Mohawk
10/5 New Orleans, LA @ Bank St Bar
10/6 Nashville, TN @ Drrkmttr*
10/8 Asheville, NC @ Static Age
10/9 Raleigh, NC @ Neptune’s
10/10 DC @ Rhizome
10/11 Philadelphia, PA @ Dumpster Out Back
10/12 NYC @ Chili’s

Kal Marks
Let The Shit House Burn Down
(Exploding In Sound Records)
Street Date: September 27, 2019

Track List:

1. Nu Legs
2. Kimmy
3. Heads Been Ringing
4. It’s So Hard To Know How To Say Goodbye
5. Science Is Science