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Royal Trux set to release 14-track career-spanning collection titled Quantum Entanglement for Record Store Day Black Friday


Fat Possum Records are very pleased to announce a new release from Royal Trux. The reassigned running order and remastering of 14-tracks spanning their career catalog has been reimagined and combined into a strikingly fresh look at various songs never before heard or contextualized as a singular offering which is indeed very new in concept and sound. If you think you’ve heard it before you would be incorrect. Leave it to Royal Trux to create a new coherence to the disparate sounds, recording methods, and decades that make up their inimitable careers as visionaries and unconventional rule breakers that have been laying tracks for the newest of bullet trains well before such trains ever existed, Science Fiction? no, just Truxian methodology as usual.

Quantum Entanglement will be released on Friday, November 29th for this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday, The album follows the release of their widely acclaimed album White Stuff which was released in the spring of 2019.


1. I’m Ready
2. Waterpark
3. Ray O Vac
4. The Spectre
5. Platinum Tips
6. Stevie (For Steven S.)
7. Sunshine and Grease
8. Stop
9. Liar
10. The Flag
11. Junkie Nurse
12. Call Out The Lions
13. White Stuff
14. Shockwave Rider

Possessed of a natural ability to always give us something unexpected, necessary, and truly unique, Jennifer Herrema (vocal, moog, guitar, melodica) and Neil Hagerty (vocal, guitar) came together in the mid-80s as Herrema was finishing high school in Washington DC.

Their s/t debut, made in ’87, gave a hint that something unique was coming out of their insular obsessions (psyche, noise, bentshot blues and diseased production) and their second LP, Twin Infinitivesan album of unforgettable songs played with the freedom of Beefheart, the power of the Stones, the ghostly suggestiveness of Albert Ayler, took things even further out.

92’s Untitled and 93’s Cats And Dogs refined the chaos and by 95 Royal Trux had signed to a major label for major money (neither of the two had bank accounts, credit cards, or drivers licenses) and were promoted as bad ass wild cards, dangerous, – and a few other themes deemed “cool” as marketing gimmicks –  that stuck as an indelible image that still follows them. Mostly because it was (mostly) all true.

Their major label debut, Thank Yousaw them hook up with legendary producer David Briggs and by 98 they had jumped ship returning with the astonishing Acceleratoranother step into a new space, a lysergic re-imagining of the 80s that again proved their heroic fearlessness.

99’s Veterans Of Disorder was Royal Trux’s heaviest hit of hard-rock menace, an album that reflected the insanely feral Trux live show, at the time, something akin to seeing Miles Davis’ early 70s band jamming with Robert Quine while 2000’s Pound For Pound sent you back an era and forward an eternity and marked the start of a 14 year hiatus.

Returning in 2015 for a run of live shows, the pair began recording on the industrial fringes of Los Angeles in the summer of 2018 and released their comeback album White Stuff to universal acclaim the following spring.

Also available exclusively online is the Quantum Entanglement skateboard package:


 – Custom Royal Trux Skateboard from Heroin Skateboarding

 – Pair of Skateboard Trucks from Royal Trucks

 – CD of the new release ‘Quantum Entanglement’

Royal Trux has collaborated with Heroin Skateboards to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album “Quantum Entanglement”. Don’t get tangled up on the old song titles in the track listing. This is a new Royal Trux album of remastered, resequenced, recontextualized jams to be listened to as if for the first time. Get the album and the Limited Edition Skateboard complete with hardware courtesy of Royal Trucks…… Yeah it’s pronounced the same 🙂