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Bananagun shares new single “Out of Reach” & announces upcoming 7″ due Feb. 28th via Full Time Hobby

Out of Reach 7″ is due February 28
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Today, Bananagun announces their new Out of Reach 7″ & shares the A-side, “Out of Reach.” The 7″ is due February 28th via Full Time Hobby. Stream “Out of Reach” here.

Responsible for one of the best debut singles of the year Do Yeah, Aussie bunch Bananagun have hatched another slick psyched-out gem that’s part Motown banger, part funkadelic soul train that’s just rolled in from the Melbourne outback. Rapid fire congas take hold before a close to home love story unfolds, as leader Nick explains:

“It’s located in the heart and is basically me dealing with a break up and putting that into a song. Love is strange? You jump in the deep end with someone, roll the dice and pay the price but there’s no floatation device when the river runs dry. I just got married and then suddenly it all turned pear shaped, what the hell can you do? In those hard times the best way to get some clarity is to make a song about it, sing it back to me! Look inside, no answers, only dancers. Hopefully there’s as energy transfer.”

With the aim of merging the proto-garage rhythmic fury of The Monks with the tropicália grooves of Os Mutantes, the band have forged a sound that is loose and unravelling as it is focused and taut, with an aim of creating a real sense of place and environment. “We didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing,” the band say. “We wanted it to be vibrant, colorful and have depth like the jungle. Like an ode to nature.”

Out of Reach 7″
(Full Time Hobby)
[click here to pre-order] Street Date: February 28, 2020

Track List:

A1. Out of Reach
B1. Takostubo