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Bananagun share the video for ”Out of Reach” and announce live dates in UK & Europe; 7” and digital single out now on Full Time Hobby

Out of Reach 7″ is out now on Full Time Hobby
purchase the 7″ here

WATCH: “Out of Reach” –

Responsible for one of the best debut singles of last year “Do Yeah,” Aussie bunch Bananagun have hatched another slick psyched-out gem that’s part Motown banger, part funkadelic soul train that’s just rolled in from the Melbourne outback. Nick VanBakel, band leader, star captain of the good ship Bananagun has shared the story behind “Out of Reach”, and here it is, verbatim:

“So you’re down at the cool nightclub.
The atmosphere is…dream-like.
An unidentified man materializes up in the DJ booth defying local club etiquette.
Swift and calmly he swaps over the record, there is such a weird energy in the house (anticipation)
BANG! BANG! Out of the silence up leaps the breeze, flutes dance across rapid fire conga, bass and drums are there in your chest, you don’t know yourself. Through the laser beams and smoke you see the figure – the undisputed holder of the dance floor! (People whisper)

You make your way through the dancers & level up to them, so close you’re touching auras. You match their tempo and lock steps mutually acknowledging each other’s status, but something’s  strange and suddenly with a chess player’s eye you realize that you know this person, you have now transcended to the mirror world and the undisputed lord of the dance floor is merely a reflection of you! Think about it…”

Now, with that in mind, stop what you’re doing and watch the video here.

Tour Dates
5/13 – Shacklewell Arms, London (Free show!)
5/15 – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton

Out of Reach 7″
(Full Time Hobby)
[click here to order the 7″] Street Date: February 28, 2020

Track List:

A1. Out of Reach
B1. Takostubo