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Listen to Wished Bone’s new surprise Bandcamp exclusive EP

STREAM: a bug crawled in the piano – 

Today, Wished Bone has surprise dropped a new EP titled a bug crawled in the piano, which features a cover of The Gerbils’ “Glue” and some additional instrumentation from Spencer Radcliffe. Listen to the new EP via bandcamp.

     Wished Bone, the folk project of Ashley Rhodus, began with borrowed instruments and broken tape machines in an Athens, Ohio basement called The Pseudio. Rhodus, plant biologist turned bartender, finds peace in viewing human behavior and emotion as organic and normal parts of nature; a flower opens up because it is meant to. Often accompanied by instrumentalist Wandering Lake, stripped down melodies float like a cloud atop Kupillas’ subtle drones, simple guitar licks, and clean drums.

     Have you ever heard the kettle whistle from the other room, just letting it sing for a moment, working out yesterday’s crossword in the late afternoon? If so, there’s a fair chance that the world contained within Wished Bone’s recent full length, Sap Season, will feel something like home. Cellar Belly, released in the summery months of 2018 and serving as Wished Bone’s full-length debut, was a wide-eyed romp through tales of love, sex, the natural world and beyond. Ashley Rhodus’ voice fluttered like the flame of a candle over easy strummed guitars and tight drums, adorned with modestly psychedelic keys, and well placed guitar leads that seemed to be weeping like a willow.

“such an intriguing and unique songwriter; she has a gift for making the ordinary feel poignant and profound, through her sort of effortlessly wry turns of phrase and low-key poetic non sequiturs, delivered warmly but matter-of-factly over a verdant bed of lilting folk-pop.” – Gorilla vs Bear

Wished Bone
a bug crawled in the piano
[click here to purchase] Street Date: April 10, 2020

Track List:

1. help my brother
2. on the floor
3. a million bucks
4. where did all the time go?
5. new york city
6. glue