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Hear Bottler’s twisted take on R&B on new single “When I Don’t Think of You”

Clementine EP is due 5/8
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photo credit: Rick Perez

Today, Bottler shares the second single from their recently announced debut Clementine EP – listen to “When I Don’t Think of You” here. Bottler’s Clementine EP is due out on May 8th, 2020 via InFiné.

Bottler is the electronic duo of Brooklyn musicians, Pat Butler and Phil Shore. As Lifelong friends, their creative bond is one forged in a partnership of musical exploration. Their continuous discovery of electronic, indie rock, and classical converges as Bottler.

Sonically, Bottler represents a new step toward musical freedom. They’re inspired to pursue every idea and dance across the thinly constructed boundaries of aesthetic. Free of a preoccupation of genre or form, they blend indie-dance and electro-pop with acoustic, digital, and analog instrumentation.

After forming and touring in various musical projects for over a decade, they settled down at the end of the 20-teens and founded Bottler. Inspired by the wide spectrum of sounds they would encounter in both the vibrant Brooklyn music scene and daily life; Bottler took care to craft a wholly unique style that was equal parts their past and their present. They are imbued with the music echoing off the walls of Brooklyn clubs like Good Room, Black Flamingo, Elsewhere, and Magick City. They spend countless hours crate digging at record shops like Academy Records, Captured Tracks, and Rough Trade.

With all distractions set aside, they locked themselves in the studio with the unwavering devotion and intensity of their musical heroes like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Bonobo, and Caribou. Shortly thereafter, they posted a two track demo online and were discovered by InFiné, who will release their first EP in 2020.

a little about InFiné:
InFiné is a French record label directed by Alexandre Cazac and Yannick Matray. Stemming from electronic music, the label usually goes off the beaten path, from classical music to ambient, through club or pop music.

The label’s approach is transversal and multidisciplinary; InFiné intends to promote meetings between styles and generations, but also between disciplines. The label uses electronic music as a vehicle for promoting uncharted musical territories where heritage and avant-garde are mixed. On one hand we find a generation of electronic producers (Rone, Danton Eeprom, Oxia, Clara Moto, Cubenx, Arandel), on the other hand musiciens from jazz, world, classic or contemporary music (Francesco Tristano, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Aufgang, Pedro Soler, Bruce Brubaker). InFiné’s eclectic roster truly showcases an assorted spectrum of unique work.

Clementine EP
Street Date: May 8, 2020

Track List:

1. Nobody Likes Me
2. When I Don’t Think of You
3. Day Sleeper Peace Keeper
4. Weekend