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French electronic artist Rone shares new single “Esperanza”

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Today French artist Rone (aka Erwan Castex) shares “Esperanza,” the fourth single from his forthcoming album, Room With a View.  Erwan had this to say about the track:

“With “Esperanza,” I wanted to make a track that would be solar and optimistic, which lifts you, encourages you to rise, to fight, to see things in a positive light. I see this as a little spark that can restart a nearly extinct fire. During the intro one can hear the footsteps of the dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille walking in rhythm and giving a quasi-military pace to the track. I like the fighting spirit this pace gives the track.

With the current crisis, we hear a lot that the world will never be the same. I agree with this sentiment, and hope sincerely that a better world can come out of it. “Esperanza” is my tribute to this army of salvers, those who are fighting for a better world.”

About Room With A View

Rone is electronic producer Erwan Castex and his fifth album is titled Room With A View, which marks a major moment in the Frenchman’s career. The album was produced alongside a live show commissioned by the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and developed together with choreography
collective (LA) HORDE and 20 dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille. Inspired by discussions of
“collapsology” and climate change, Room With A View offers food for thought on how to deal with one of the most pressing issues of humanity.

Room With A View sees Rone returning to his musical roots and the set-up of his early albums: purely electronic, solitarily conceived without any musical collaborators. The production of the corresponding show inspired the album and vice versa, one fed into the other. Room With A View works perfectly as a standalone album, that comes with a more serious goal than mere musical innovation.

Room With A View
[Click here to pre-order] Street Date: April 24, 2020

Track List:
1_Lucid Dream – 04:54
2_La Marbrerie – 06:22
3_Sophora Japonica – 02:47
4_Ginkgo Biloba – 03:31
5_Nouveau Monde – 06:45
6_Room With A View – 03:31
7_ Le Crapaud Doré – 03:30
8_Liminal Space – 04:05
09_Human – 06:55
10_Babel – 04:18
11_Esperenza – 04:22
12_Raverie – 07:56
13_Solastalgia – 04:00