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D.A. Stern covers Lee Hazlewood’s “I’m Glad I Never…” as part of quarantine covers series

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D.A. Stern is a Los Angeles based songwriter and producer who is currently working on a follow-up to his Slumberland debut, Aloha Hola.  Feeling inspired by the boon of creativity and search for fun that has been experienced my so many artists during this time, he decided to take a moment to record covers of some of his favorite songs in his home studio. Today he shares the second installment in the series:

Quarantine Covers Vol. II Lee Hazlewood – “I’m Glad I Never…”

I’ve always been a sucker for music with a punchline and this song is one big setup to a joke.  The best of these kinds of songs make you laugh while giving you a sense of the true pain behind them and Lee Hazlewood, ever the brilliant writer, delivers with absolute economy.  What better time to laugh than now?