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Oakland band Body Double shares debut single “The Floating Hand” & announces debut LP on Zum

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Today, Oakland punk band Body Double shares its debut single “The Floating Hand,” which is also the first single from its forthcoming LP Milk Fed, due on the Zum label on Sept. 18.

About “The Floating Hand”:

“”The Floating Hand” is generally about competition, and your options for reacting to it.  I grew up in a few different countries because my dad was a Marine, and each move felt interplanetary: the language changed, what was good and bad changed, even the bugs crawling on the ground changed.  I felt at odds with conservative military culture and run-of-the-mill high school viciousness, and fantasized about one day finding a safe haven in punk and underground music.  It turns out that even amongst weirdos you’ll still see people undercut each other, and you might be a maladjusted alien regardless of scenery.  I wrote this song about a musician I thought was particularly nasty, and it ended up being about myself, which is what happens whenever I try to write a dis track.” -Candace Lazarou

About Milk Fed:

Milk Fed, the debut album by Oakland five-piece Body Double, emerged from a period of intense grief and transition for singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Candace Lazarou. Her previous group, underground noise rock outfit Mansion, disbanded acrimoniously in 2016, months before the Ghost Ship fire forever changed Bay Area DIY. At the same time, Lazarou also began disentangling herself from long-term relationships both interpersonal and with drugs.

Lazarou withdrew into her bedroom, creating material about intimacy and consent in the arch style of a drag mass attended by Brian Eno and Al Jourgensen. (One discarded band name? Knights in Black Leather.) After being confined to vocals in Mansion, Lazarou savored creative control, indulging in dramatic arrangement and hooks, and then found a collaborator in bassist and cowriter Noah Adams. The band name Body Double sums another prominent theme of unstable identity, while Milk Fed reflects the winking camp of Lazarou’s grand guignol imagery.

Lazarou, also previously of post-punk group Pang, played most of the instruments on Milk Fed herself, recording intermittently at Tunnel Vision studios in downtown Oakland with co-producer Jason Kick beginning in 2017. Chase Kamp of Silver Shadows and Jeff Cook of Mansion drum on the album. Body Double began performing live in 2019 and currently comprises Jascha Ephraim (lead guitar) and Mel Weikart (keyboard) in addition to Kamp, Adams and Lazarou.

Press photo by Ellis Martin
L-R Chase Kamp, Noah Adams, Candace Lazarou, Mel Weikart, Jascha Ephraim

Body Double
Milk Fed

Release Date: Sept. 18, 2020
Pre-order here

Track List:

1. Head Axe
2. The Floating Hand
3. Ready To Die
4. Waiting
5. Prisonous Mind
6. Bitch On Wheels
7. Embrace The Bomb
8. Bad Vibrations
9. Critter
10. The Party Is Over