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Watch Papercuts cover Galaxie 500’s “When Will You Come Home”

VIDEO – “When Will You Come Home” –

San Francisco band Papercuts are the latest to contribute a Galaxie 500 cover to the 20-20-20 Project (20 bands covering G500 in 2020). Papercuts’ contribution is a cover of “When Will You Come Home” from the On Fire LP recorded in the band’s home studio.

Papercuts’ Jason Quever has worked with Dean Wareham (and Luna) in the studio and has played as a member of his live band (including Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 shows). Here he offers a glimpse at what made him fall in love with the music of G500 in the first place:

“What I love about Galaxie 500 is Dean’s balance of dry wit and direct sincerity, combined with great melodies and the band’s elegant and never cliche presentation. That’s pretty much the holy grail isn’t it? This was recorded quarantine style on August 18th in my home studio, just as the bay area skies were eerily being covered in smoke from the fires.”