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Watch R O N I’s new “Senses” video via Week in Pop; Crown is due 9/9 on InchPerSecond Records

“Senses” is the third part of R O N I’s visual EP, Crown

WATCH: “Senses” –
Week in Pop / YouTube / SoundCloud

Today, R O N I  has shared the video for “Senses,” the third part of her visual EP. Check out the premiere via Week in Pop here. R O N I’s Crown EP is due out on September 9, 2020 via InchPerSecond Records. “Senses” will be streaming everywhere this Sunday, 8/30.

Regarding the meaning behind the single, R O N I stated “The song taps into the deepest, most primal desires and urges that occur within sensuality and sexuality, that are specifically felt when one physically and emotionally interacts with another human for the first time. Letting go of inhibitions, releasing impulses and finding courage to go deeper into yourself through sensations felt with another; this is what “Senses” is all about.”

, a guitarist, singer and a songwriter, was born and raised in Jerusalem. At the age of 20 she moved to New York City where she and her guitar became a mainstay in the Lower East Side music circuit, filling venues for nearly a decade. As she grew her audience, she toured the US and Europe with her music and performed in festivals like SXSW (Austin TX), CMJ (NYC), ‘Yearot Menashe’ (Israel) and ‘Hasifa’ in Jerusalem. Her sound has been described as beautifully unpredictable, unique, visionary and powerfully magnetic. As a musician and guitar player, she has been professionally trained in jazz, blues and rock from an early age. R O N I is the artist you’ve been dreaming about; the rare kind of dedicated artist who has put in years of hard work to refine her craft, with the talent and stage presence to put it all together into a fully realized package.

Crown showcases a melting pot of genres from Electro Pop to Future R&B. It consists of four moving and catchy songs that reveal R O N I’s connection to her fallen relationships in the past, and her hopes towards higher grounds. The EP was produced by FortyForty in Tel-Aviv, that with electronic beats and his synthesized touches managed to empower R O N I’s signature guitar and vocal phrasing throughout the album. The resulting sound is compositionally innovative and fresh off the boards. Crown gives you the sense of a crossover that is serving 2020 with a warm synth spoon. While many of her well-established guitar styles and influences peek through, the EP remains a nod to what’s current in music today. With this tasteful blending of style and genres, R O N I has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with in today’s female lead guitarist movement and claims her place as an emerging voice.

R O N I  takes cues from atmospheric R&B artists like FKA Twigs, Solange or Liv.e as well as adventurous indie singers like St. Vincent or Empress Of.

(InchPerSecond Records)
Street Date: September 9th, 2020

Track List:

1. Permanent Visions
2. Stop Motion
3. Senses
4. Higher Ground