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No Joy shares unreleased demo for Bandcamp Friday, No Bummer All Summer virtual beach party happening tomorrow

No Joy’s No Bummer All Summer Dec. 5 | 8pm EST tickets here

STREAM – “Disco 6” –

Today No Joy shares the track “Disco 6,” a demo from the Motherhood recording sessions that didn’t end up on the final record.  It is available exclusively at Bandcamp now. No Joy has also put together a virtual beach party event called No Bummer All Summer which takes place Sat. Dec. 5 at 8pm EST, tickets available here.  The event also features Sad13, Peel Dream Magazine, Winter, DRYNX, Aerin Fogel, Lost Cove Tiki, Second Sight and No Joy.

Earlier this week No Joy’s Jasamine White-Gluz also shared a playlist of her favorite songs of 2020 with Brooklyn Vegan.

Speaking on the track “Disco 6” Jasamine White-Gluz says, This demo was born in March 2016. I continued to work on it throughout our summer European 2016 tour with Jorge Elbrecht, who was playing guitar at the time. I kept revisiting it and trying to find its place but it never seemed to click. One potential collaborator I brought this song to referred to it as “sounding like when you walk into a Guitar Center and every instrument is playing at once” I still love this track in all its confusing glory.”

On Motherhood, No Joy’s first full length in five years, Jasamine White-Gluz took what she learned from synthesis, reincorporated guitars, and produced an album that is not a departure from No Joy’s early shoegaze, but a stylistically omnivorous expansion that ekes into trip hop, trance and nu-metal. Motherhood ​is the culmination of years composing outside of her comfort zone, and a return to DIY recording with a leveled-up expertise in production.

No Joy
(Joyful Noise / Hand Drawn Dracula)

Release Date: Aug. 21, 2020
Purchase here

Track List:
Dream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
Nothing Will Hurt
Why Mothers Die
Happy Bleeding
Signal Lights
Primal Curse