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Listen to Real Numbers’ new jangle pop single “Darling” via Under The Radar; Brighter Then is due 1/22 on Slumberland

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Today, Real Numbers are sharing “Darling” from their upcoming Slumberland EP via Under The Radar. Check out the premiere hereBrighter Then is out on January 22, 2020 via Slumberland Records. Under The Radar described the single as a “delightfully bright piece of jangle pop” and that the “mix of sharp layers of guitar, romantic lyrics, and blissful melodies is instantly addictive.”

Eli shared some thoughts on how the new single came about, stating: “A few years ago I was struggling to find new ways to put songs together and trying to make things less straightforward while maintaining our pop sensibilities. Darling incorporated some new chord shapes I’d never used before as well as more adventurous drums. The vocal melodies were also written to be a bit more unusual sounding but all that being said Darling is PURE POP. It actually turned out so well that many subsequent songs leaned heavily on this one, so it’s really become a template for the next phase of Real Numbers.”

Following on from 2016’s Wordless Wonder LP and 2017’s “Frank Infatuation” single, Minneapolis’ Real Numbers are back with a brand new EP entitled Brighter Then. In the interim the combo has expanded to a 5-piece, adding Sophie Durbin on keyboards. Brighter Then was recorded over winter 2019/2020 and shows the band journeying deeper into late 80’s indie-pop than ever before.

The lyrics on the EP see Eli Hansen take a more personal and introspective tack revolving around relationships, shifting perspectives, and memories. The title track, which has been crafted slowly over the last few years around its circular lead, tackles the subject of evolving friendships – losses, gains and the acceptance of the present – and channels Sarah favorites The Wake and Brighter.

“Old Cross” and “In The End” were co-authored by Eli and Cameron Soojian and feature Cam’s distinctive lead guitar, while “Darling” is nothing short of a pure pop gem. The EP’s production finds the band at their most crisp thanks to Matt Castore and his A Harder Commune studios, and the 45rpm 12″ vinyl pressing showcases the tunes at their best. While never straying too far from their scrappy DIY roots, Real Numbers have broadened their sound with assurance, and fans of Felt and the Field Mice will be pleased with the results.

Real Numbers
Brighter Then
(Slumberland Records)
Street Date: January 22, 2021

Track List:

1. Brighter Then
2. Darling
3. Old Cross
4. In The End
5. Brighter Then (Reprise)


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