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Watch CYRRCA’s “Apocalypse Tao” video: Elon Musk flamethrower heat & the only monster trucks in Seoul

self-titled debut is due out on 2/26

WATCH: “Apocalypse Tao”
YouTube / SoundCloud

Today, CYRRCA is sharing the epic video for “Apocalypse Tao,” which features the only flamethrower from Elon Musk’s Boring Company in all of South Korea as well as the only custom monster truck in Seoul. The track was originally composed by the designer of futuristic Korean clothing label IISE. CYRRCA’s self-titled debut is due out on February 26th, 2021 and details the experiences of a multi-year journey around the world.

CYRRCA’s perspective is fundamentally that of a seeker, shaped by the transcendent power of poetry and a fascination with world cultures and mystic traditions. These themes form CYRRCA’s sonic atmosphere, layering it with personal explorations into mythology, spirituality, humanity, self-discovery and transformation.

Inspired by a multi-year journey across the globe, CYRRCA’s self-titled LP is a blend of the iconic, the intimate, and the mythic. The 13 tracks on the album weave together the happenings of a trek that stretches from the Trans Siberian Railway to the Montenegrin coastline; from Rumi’s shrine in Mevlana, Turkey to the Korean mountainside. The lyrics tell the story of the project as it began – not as an album, but rather a collection of manuscripts, journals and poems that were written while on this spiritual quest. Years later, those writings were adapted into an album that explores themes of self-discovery and transformation.

The music features an array of production styles, with each track inspired by distinct locales; the ambient work of K. Leimer invokes the Northern Irish coast on the introspective “North Sea”, K-pop wiz-kid and BTS producer Jinbo The Superfreak sets the tropical tone for “Temple Charm”, while Sailli conjures up a minimal vibe on “Beograd”. The wide reaching spectrum of sounds and influences are as various as the far-flung sojourn that inspired the work. The resulting record is a contemporary epic; gritty, but chiseled to exacting form.

The CYRRCA project includes a 13-track album, an accompanying art book, an episodic visual album with full-length music videos for every song and thirteen 3D animated symbols, which illustrate the mythic narrative that shimmers throughout the work.

Above photo credit: Mirriku

Street Date: February 26th, 2021

Track List:

1. North Sea
2. Beograd
3. Namsan
4. Temple Charm
5. Qufu Interlude
6. Apocalypse Tao
7. Free
8. Pyrrhic Victories
9. Still Thankful
10. Bonifacio
11. Nothing
12. My Lies
13. Istanbul