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The Blow is bringing their entire catalog to Bandcamp this Friday along with rare merch

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For this month’s Bandcamp Friday, The Blow is launching a new artist-run Bandcamp account, featuring rare old items as well as some new goods with the band’s entire catalog available to download. Look for the updated store on Friday:

A message from The Blow:
“Nobody can tour and nobody can hang out but sounds from the past can cross the distance and bring us all a little closer. Dug up from the crypt: a small amount of rare mini vinyl, cassettes from before they were cool again, hand-printed record covers from the old small town slow time days when there was endless space for making screen prints and laying them out to dry. The Blow have lived in New York City for a decade– silkscreening has not taken place. The remaining LPs of the band’s most recent album, Brand New Abyss, have been shipped over from Europe and are available again in the States, as well a European edition of the CD with extra songs and a fancier jacket. Also available are new and old versions of clothing items produced by the band; one T-shirt says “The Blow” in a nearly illegible constellation of metallic dots, and a sweatshirt advertises an imaginary modular synthesis club (Females Of Modular Synthesis), open to membership by all and requiring no attendance– an imaginary fellowship distinctly suited to the present moment.


The Concussive Caress (super rare LP with hand-silkscreened covers, CD)
Bonus Album (super rare 10” LP, CD)
Everyday Examples of Humans Facing Straight Into The Blow (cassettes with hand-printed lino-cut covers, first-edition handprinted CD, CD)
Brand New Abyss (LP, Euro-edition CD, CD)
Poor Aim: Love Songs (LP, CD)
Paper Television (CD)
Khaela Maricich – Look For It In The Sky It Will Always Be There (CD)
Don’t Do The Bomb Before My Mustache Comes (hand-made empty CD covers- no CD!)

New Females Of Modular Synthesis sweatshirts – black sweatshirt  with yellow print
Old Females Of Modular Synthesis sweatshirts – heather grey sweatshirt with red print
New The Blow Constellation shirts – black shirt  with shiny gold print
Old The Blow Constellation shirts – black or turquoise shirt with shiny silver print