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Slumberland announces repress of Tony Molina’s Confront The Truth EP, pre-order now

STREAM: “See Me Fall” –

When Tony Molina first released Confront The Truth in 2016 it had been a long three years since his previous record (the now-classic album Dissed And Dismissed) and anticipation was definitely intense. Tony’s Teenage Fanclub-meets-GBV power-pop was informed sonically and spiritually by his many years in the SF South Bay area DIY punk scene, and the results were nothing less than thrilling.

Leaving the guitar crunch behind, Confront The Truth confounded the desire for more of the same by spotlighting Tony’s formidable songwriting with spare, mostly acoustic arrangements that owe as much to early Bee Gees and Teenage Fanclub’s mellower moments as they do to Georges Harrison and Martin. The sadness of this music has precedents in pop’s past and the repertoire from which he draws may be narrow, but in
these songs, you hear exactly what Tony found in those influences that shaped his experience — years upon years of focus and isolation in developing his guitar skills to speak to these truths. The main difference here is that where Tony’s previous works felt casual and easy to digest, here we feel the full weight of his emotional needs pressed against the gentlest and most careful music of his career.

This EP was a crucial step for Tony on his way to making 2018’s brilliant album Kill The Lightsand it remains his favorite of his own solo releases. Out-of-print on vinyl for several years, we’re happy to bring it back now, and this time as a 12″ rather than 7″ to give these beautiful, delicate songs more room to breathe. Truly the kind of aural tonic we all need right now.

Tony Molina
Confront The Truth EP

12″ vinyl – pre-order here

1. Lisa’s Song
2. I Don’t Want To Know
3. Old Enough To Know
4. No One Told He
5. Hung Up On The Dream
6. See Me Fall
7. Over Now
8. Banshee