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Youth Code & King Yosef share new single “Looking Down” from upcoming collab. LP

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Today Portland artist King Yosef and LA duo Youth Code have shared the second single from their new collaborative LP, A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression which they will self-release on March 9, 2021. Watch a visualizer for the new song “Looking Down” here. A vinyl release is also planned, stay tuned for info. on how to order it in the coming weeks.

This record was born purely from a desire to collaborate and mutual fandom. King Yosef and Youth Code started talking in August, 2019. After a lot of talk of working with each other on songs for each other’s records, the question was posed by Sara: “Why not just do an EP together?” The original idea was to just do a 4 song EP. After sending stems back and forth they quickly realized it made more sense to just keep writing since things meshed together so easily on the first four.

All of the initial instrumentals and production were done remotely. They toyed with the idea of recording all of these vocals separately, but in the end decided that it made the most sense to get together and actually track the vocals in person. Sara flew to Portland in September of 2020, when the whole state was on fire, and wrote, recorded and did some additional production to the record over the course a week.

Youth Code X King Yosef
Looking Down (single)

Release Date: Feb. 12, 2021

Youth Code X King Yosef
A Skeleton Key In The Doors of Depression

Release Date: March 9, 2021

Track List:

1. Claw.Crawl
2. Burner
3. Looking Down
4. Head Underwater
5. The World Stage
6. A Mother’s Love
7. Deathsafe
8. Finally Docked