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Bedroom shares new single “Too Bad”

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Noah Kittinger first started Bedroom at the age of 16. Within that year he released his first two projects, Toys and Vivid. By the next year, he was working on what would become his 2014 release, Grow. Shortly after, Kittinger put the Bedroom project on hiatus and began making music under his own name, releasing his Bloom EP to considerable acclaim in 2016.

Meanwhile, Grow was becoming a slow-burn success, gaining an impressively large organic following which led to a successful West Coast Tour in 2018. Kittinger returned back home and decided to start a new project, in which he found himself searching for new ways to showcase his maturing artistry. After a season of trial and error, he linked up with Nashville engineer and producer Paul Kintzing of German Error Message, and the two decided they would work together on the next Bedroom album. After a string of singles over the last couple of years, Noah is geared up to release his first LP in seven years, viewing this as “a new beginning.”

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