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Listen to Sweet Nobody’s “Why Don’t You Break My Heart” via Austin Town Hall; We’re Trying Our Best is due 9/17 via Daydream Records

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Today Sweet Nobody are sharing a new single from their sophomore record, titled “Why Don’t You Break My Heart.” Check out the premiere on Austin Town Hall. Sweet Nobody’s We’re Trying Our Best is due out on September 17th, 2021 via Daydream Records.

Regarding the single, lead singer/songwriter Joy Deyo stated:

“A few years ago during what was supposed to be the prime of my life, I found myself deteriorating physically from a rare genetic disease I didn’t even know I had. Along with physical pain, there is a lot of mental anguish that comes with sickness. It feels a little like you’re dying while you’re still alive—mourning parts of yourself that don’t work anymore and longing for the things that you can no longer do with ease. In grief, I found myself saying things to my husband like, “if you want to leave me and find someone else who isn’t sick, I’ll understand. You didn’t sign up for this.” Of course, I didn’t want him to, and he didn’t want to either; so instead I wrote a song about it. Songs can speak your fears and the things you hope will never happen just as well as they can speak your dreams. And if you can take that darkness and make it a bop, well that’s just more fun for everyone!”

Recorded prior to the pandemic and initially intended for release in the summer of 2020, Sweet Nobody’s sophomore full-length, We’re Trying Our Best, found itself waylaid by the same unexpected reality as the rest of us. While there was no way of knowing what lay ahead for humanity in general when lead singer/lyricist Joy Deyo was writing the album, she was dealing with her own challenge, living with chronic pain from an illness that resisted proper diagnosis and treatment, and her experience of trying to learn to live with it informed her songwriting.

Given We’re Trying Our Best‘s thematic bent toward addressing the reality of living with challenges, the insecurity that feeling damaged can bring, the sustaining support that the love of those close to you can provide, along with the occasional weirdness one can feel just being around other people, how fitting that the album is finally being released in 2021, as we may possibly be on the verge of re-integrating into some semblance of social normalcy (for better or worse). If there’s anyone out there who couldn’t have related to any of those things a year ago, certainly most of us are on board by now, feeling unsure and unsettled, a little rudderless, trying our best to figure it out.

But We’re Trying Our Best is no ponderous goth dirge. It’s a summer album, after all (maybe a touch of fall), and the band cites Felt’s Maurice Deebank, Johnny Marr, and the Go-Betweens as sonic influences. There is frequently a similar lightness to their touch and, as with their debut album Loud Songs For Quiet People, Sweet Nobody delivers pointed and poignant lyrical insight with some of the most well crafted indie-rock/pop this side of Flying Nun. The band’s lineup consists of Joy Deyo (guitar/vox), Brian Dishon (drums/guitar/vox), Casey Snyder (guitar), and Adam Nolan (bass). Their sophomore LP was recorded between Hurley Studios and producer/engineer, Joel Jerome’s garage; the final product sounds present and alive in a way that feels particularly refreshing right now, a reminder of the connection we can have with each other through shared experience and the power of human relationships to endure. We’re Trying Our Best may have been delayed but in some ways, it has come at the right time.

Sweet Nobody
We’re Trying Our Best
(Daydream Records)
Street Date: September 17, 2021

Track List:

1. Not A Good Judge
2. Why Don’t You Break My Heart
3. Rhoda
4. Five Star Diary
5. Young In Love
6. Million Yard Stare
7. Other Humans
8. White Lies
9. Little Ghost
10. If I Should Die Tonight


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