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Chicago’s Andrew Krull shares “Magnolia” & announces debut EP; It All Goes is due 8/27

The EP features contributions from Nick Levine (Pinegrove/Jodi), Seth Engel (Options), and various Chicago artists

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Today Andrew Krull is announcing their debut EP and sharing the lead single, “Magnolia,” which successfully bridges emo-tinged and alt-country styles to create a very unique sound. It All Goes will be self-released on August, 27th.

Andrew gave some words on the new single:

“I wrote “Magnolia” following a conversation with a couple of people I love very much. It was one of those very powerful moments of emotional connection in which you’re willing to be scared of vulnerability, willing to have your voice shake while you say something meaningful to you. The song itself is partially about how scary it can be to show your authentic self to people, especially when that “authentic self” is something you’re not even sure you have a great grasp on. But ultimately the message of the song is that it can be immensely rewarding letting your guard down around people who you trust to be loving and supportive – something I’m working on all the time. I wrote this song and got the magnolia branch tattooed on my arm as a reminder of how special vulnerability can be.”

Singer-songwriter Andrew Krull has deep ties to Chicago’s indie and country scenes. Their understated vocal style, intricate instrumentation, and introspective lyrics highlight influences ranging from Elliott Smith and Nick Drake to Pinegrove and classic country artists. Krull has spent the last few years playing guitar in the math-rock band Parachute Day and with the alt-country artist David Quinn.

Andrew Krull’s 2021 EP, It All Goes, represents their debut as a solo songwriter, to which they supplied guitar, vocals, electric bass, banjo, and mandolin. They gathered additional contributions from an eclectic group of musicians, including Nick Levine of Pinegrove/Jodi, Seth Engel of Options, Chicago folk/bluegrass veterans Aaron Smith & Jess McIntosh, and Chicago indie folk singer-songwriter Alayne May. Krull’s songcraft balances catchy, layered melodies with evocative lyrics and poignant storytelling.

Written and recorded remotely over the span of a year amid the Covid-19 pandemic, It All Goes takes listeners on an introspective journey that delves into themes of trauma, gender fluidity, and self-acceptance. At various turns wistful and uplifting, the record bridges emo-tinged and alt-country aesthetics, featuring technically proficient songcraft and thoroughly listenable melodies.

press photo credit: Jess Myers

Andrew Krull
It All Goes
Street Date: August 27, 2021
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Track List:

1. Waiting
2. Garden
3. Green Lake
4. Be Kept
5. Magnolia