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Gone To Color Shares New Single Feat. Martina Topley-Bird

“Dissolved” was co-written by Topley-Bird, who is known for her work with Massive Attack and Tricky. The track also features members of Wilco and Guster

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Today Gone To Color shares its fourth single, “Dissolved,” from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, out Oct. 15. The song features guest vocals from frequent Massive Attack and Tricky collaborator Martina Topley-Bird.

“This song went through a number of phases in order to get to its final form. After recording
drums, bass, and guitars, we started manipulating the audio. It was initially a fairly groovy and traditionally recorded rock instrumental. But when we worked with Richard Devine,
he had the idea to slow things down. With a slower tempo and additional electronic sounds, the feel of the song was compelling and entirely different from where we started.

We have always had a soft spot for a lot of the music coming out of Bristol, and both of us share a love for the album Maxinquaye, on which Martina’s vocals are featured. Having thought for a bit about the feel of the instrumental we had for “Dissolved,” and the vocal it needed, we thought Martina would be a perfect fit. She has a keen ability to develop a melodic line beautifully as the lyrics progress.” – Gone To Color

Gone to Color is an experimental rock/electronic music duo originally formed in Cincinnati and currently coexisting in Atlanta and Washington D.C. Core members Tyler Bradley Walker and Matt Heim frequently use the collaborative space to explore their songwriting with other artists.

Gone To Color’s debut album is stacked with an incredible host of collaborators, including three-time Mercury Prize nominated Martina Topley-Bird (Massive Attack and Tricky collaborator), Pat Sansone of Wilco, Richard Devine, Angus Andrew of Liars, GRAMMY nominee Ade Blackburn of Clinic, and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop. The record was co-produced by Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Grandaddy) with additional engineering from John McEntire (Tortoise).

Gone To Color’s artwork features photography from Baltimore’s Patrick Joust. Joust’s stark images are supported with new wave typography by Norwegian graphic designer Simen Røyseland.

Gone To Color’s music explores the intersection of electronic and art rock, supported by liberal use of analog synths and inventive sound design. Heim and Walker use the collaborative space to explore new ideas and synthesize their songwriting into vocal-driven electro-acoustic soundscapes.

Their debut album is full of color, flavors, and nooks that remain interesting listen after listen. It’s eclectic but connected, dark with some light, immersive and intricate. One of the standout performances on the record is Angus Andrews powerful reflection on the track “Suicide.” Canadian vocalist, and member of The Luyas, Jessie Stein articulates evocative lyrics among an ocean of synth and guitar textures on “The 606.” Carson Cox, of the band Merchandise, challenges pop with a provocative vocal on “Voyeur Nation.” On “Dissolved,” Martina Topley-Bird earnestly sings a nuanced, rhythmically engaging downtempo ballad in the way that only she can. Strong performances by veterans Kurt Wagner and Ade Blackburn add a thoughtful, engaging poeticism to the album’s progression at just the right times.

Link To Single Artwork (Photograph by Patrick Joust, Design by Simen Røyseland)
Link To Band Photos (Photograph by Sheffield Leithart)


Engineer, Drums, Keyboards (Additional)-Brian Deck
Engineer (Additional) -Shane Hendrickson, John McEntire, Tyler Bradley Walker
Guitars-Pat Sansone
Keyboards/Synthesizers-Matt Heim, Tyler Bradley Walker
Marimba-Matt Heim
Organs -Matt Heim
Organ, Pump -Matt Heim, Luke Reynolds
Production (Additional) -Richard Devine
Programming-Gone to Color, Brian Deck
Programming (Additional)-Richard Devine
Vocals-Martina Topley-Bird
Written by-Martina Topley-Bird, Matt Heim, Tyler Bradley Walker
Single Cover Photograph-Patrick Joust
Design-Simen Røyseland
Mixed by-Brian Deck
Mastered by-MikeMarsh
Produced by-Gone to Color and Brian Deck

Gone To Color is-Matt Heim, Tyler Bradley Walker

Recorded at Soma Electronic Music Studios, Chicago, USA
Recorded at IV Lab, Chicago, USA
Recorded at Club Roar, Nashville, USA
Mixed at NarwhalStudios, Chicago, USA
Mastered at The Exchange Mike Mark Mastering, Exmouth, UK



You dissolve, but you were made
How come you feel betrayed
We all begin and end the day the very same way

As the bay it cut in me
It does not need to stay
Then you’ll find your way in everything that you do

If someone says they have their way
And you must know too
Wondering through, curiously
No way out

Gonna make you too, the way you catch my eye
Gonna make you too, the way you catch my eye
I miss the feeling
Out of here

I wish you knew I had my eye on you, gonna…
Looking at you, nickel or a dime
Looking at you too, through a nickel or a dime
Looking at you too, looking at you

It brought me back to where we started
Caress me now, with your mouth
Take my word, bleeding heart
Kick me up, so we can start

I know it’s late, but time is up now
And this gives me a dreaded feeling
Enjoying you is what I live for
What I live for

When it’s true love, the ceiling’s off
The big blue sky comes falling down
And these two souls are rushing up
This big old world is finally ours

The feather spins down
Am I dreaming?
Nevermind, it knows something
How will I know from my eyes closed?

As long as I long for love
Entire oceans will be parted

Gone To Color
Gone To Color

Release Date: Oct. 15, 2021

Track List:

1. The 606
feat. Jessie Stein
2. Dissolved
feat. Martina Topley-Bird
3. Redok (instrumental)
4. Illusions
feat. Ade Blackburn
5. Just Smile
feat. Kurt Wagner
6. Suicide
feat. Angus Andrew
7. Voyeur Nation
feat. Carson Cox
8. Blur
feat. Jessie Stein


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