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NYC Release Show on 11/3 at TY Eye (featuring Robert Ellis)
[click here to purchase tickets]

photo credit: Jordan Taylor Fuller

Today Belaver’s sophomore LP, Lain Prone, is out everywhere via Niles City Records. The new LP features very astute observations throughout that poetically address topics such as climate change, our dependence on technology, and toxic social norms, to name a few. Belaver recently announced a release show for Lain Prone that will take place on November 3rd at TV Eye in Ridgewood, NY. Robert Ellis will be playing in Belaver’s band; click here to purchase tickets. In case you’ve missed them, be sure to check out the album’s singles, “Here It Comes,” “70’s Adventure,” “The Storm,” “Bad Word Turn.” “Monday,” “Mount Misery,” and “In The R L

Lain Prone is Belaver’s second solo LP, the follow up to his 2019 album True Love Of Crime. The record is produced by country musician Robert Ellis and spiritually influenced by Neil Young, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Modest Mouse, Daniel Johnston & Bill Callahan. Lain Prone is sequenced like a novel: the opening track “Here It Comes“ serves as the thesis, and ends with the lyric, “I know it’s hard out here with all these assholes, with their laws and with their loopholes; but the worst thing that you can do is to think you’re not one too.”

Returning to live instrumentation and careful arrangement with an energetic live band presentation, this album laments detachment in the digital age. In the track “The Bilow”, the narrator acknowledges an implicit trust in the universal winds that lead and bind us. The record concludes with a dissonant experimental song in the vein of Tom Waits that is a conversation with the narrator’s former self.

Lain Prone is not just a societal critique, but an ode to self healing. Told through a tapestry of tracks about life’s everyday struggles and self reflection, Lain Prone shows us a way to address the dimming “American Dream”.

RIYL: Neil Young, Modest Mouse, Pavement, Bill Callahan, & Bonnie “Prince” Billy

LP Release Show

11/3 – Ridgewood, NY – TV Eye

Lain Prone
(Niles City Records)
Release Date: October 22, 2021

1. Here It Comes
2. In The R L
3. 70’s Adventure 
4. The Storm
5. Gutted
6. Mount Misery
7. Monday
8. Death To The World
9. Bad Word Turn
10. Tower Of Silence
11. Satan’s Prayer
12. Burden Bearer
13. The Bilow
14. The Room


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