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Pepe Deluxé launches interactive art show, The Virtual Phantom Cabinet


Pepe Deluxé proudly (Damn Right!) presents: the Virtual Phantom Cabinet!!!

“Rise! And walk with me!” – The Ghost of Christmas Past
“This is SO GOOD. I love it. Love, love, love.” – A Major museum’s very cool curator whose name can’t be revealed because it’s a Big Institution, and by the time we would actually get the right to publish the quote with the museum’s name, you’d be listening to Phantom Cabinet Vol. 3.
“You are very Beautiful Samaris! But I love another girl!” – The Phantom
Opening November 3rd, 2021. Free? YES! Really!?!? REALLY!
So, what IS the Virtual Phantom Cabinet?
-It is a virtual interactive experience, exploring all things Pepe Deluxé
–A chance to get to know more about some of the exotic, obscure and often ancient instruments that the band has unearthed in their global adventures and used to build their music
-Includes hidden treasures to explore, such as the full album lyrics for Phantom Cabinet, Vol. 1
The Virtual Phantom Cabinet online exhibition was designed by Arilyn, a design studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Arilyn’s designers created the Virtual Phantom Cabinet with its latest innovative product, Virtual Art Gallery.

“It has been extremely inspiring to stretch the limits of our new tools with Pepe Deluxé. This project is a perfect mix of art, music, history and storytelling, exactly what we love to do!” says Otso Kähönen, co-founder and Creative Director of Arilyn.

Virtual Art Gallery’s mission is to connect art and collectors with 3D online art exhibitions and create a more democratic and sustainable art world. Virtual Art Gallery’s immersive online exhibitions make art more accessible and experiences more easily shareable by enabling people to visit whenever and wherever from the comfort of a web browser.
Arilyn specializes in extended reality (XR) marketing campaigns and brand engagement for consumer brands, advertising agencies and entertainment professionals. Arilyn has previously designed virtual experiences for artists Lil Nas X and Ozzy Osbourne, among others.

More about the new album, Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1:

Pepe Deluxé have spent the last decade on the freakiest musical odyssey imaginable. Their fifth album Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 is the result of Finland-based James Spectrum and Brooklyn-dwelling Paul Malmström trawling every corner of the Earth for forgotten instruments of yesteryear, spicing their music liberally with some of the strangest sound-making devices ever to have existed.

Take the album’s first single “Big Fat Woodpecker” is a rampaging, pre-Beatles rock’n’roll goof featuring raucous rhythm & blues belter Barrence Whitfield of The Savages (and the only man who can and has! out-screamed The Sonics). Poppy and bouncy on top, sonically multi-layered beneath, and boosting sounds created on the 1847 invention of Alexander Graham Bell which contains a real human ear cartilage.

B-side, the off-the-wall-lounge-psych yarn ‘Halls of Kalevala,’ is a tale about architect Le Corbusier visiting the mythical Kalevala House.  It was narrated by ‘60s synth pioneer Cyrus, recorded by Monkees’ producer Chip Douglas in his Hawaii studio (…and whilst we’re talking weird and wonderful facts, Douglas’ LA studio happened to be built by none other than a young Harrison Ford). It features four Guinness World Records (including loudest musical instrument ever constructed); 19th-century Parisian philosophical instruments: monastery bells saved from the invading Soviet army; Tolkien’s first attempt at prose, Viking folk horns, and a single drum track recorded in a large number of unusual spaces, including a moving elevator.

Among SO much else Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 features the world’s largest cowbell, a steam calliope (think fairground organ) that resides on Kentucky’s Belle of Louisville riverboat, a life size 18th century wooden mannequin woman with a clavichord built into her skirt, a Tibetan drum made of human skulls and skin (a damaru), a pyrophone (an instrument where music is made via actual flames), a synthesizer built for group sex, and the recorded birth wail of James’s daughter. Not forgetting the Last Trumpet that signals Armageddon in the Book of Revelations, as depicted in William Blake’s famous drawing and manifested using an ANS synthesiser created in Soviet Russia in 1938 that transforms images into sound.

Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 is a wild album of psychedelic prog-funk and percussive groove-rock, ripe for the dancefloor, laced with exotica flavors and upbeat songwriting.

It features genre-spanning guest vocalists including the aforementioned Cyrus Faryar, prog-rocker Mikko Von Hertzen,  jazzer Charlotta Kerbs, classical bass vocalist Tuukka Haapaniemi, and even boasts an appearance from the legendary Phil Brown (engineer on Hendrix’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and Zep’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’).

Late-90’s dance kids will remember Pepe Deluxé as the Prodigy sampled pop stars behind the critically acclaimed album Super Sound (1999),  the Top 20 hit “Before You Leave” (2021), and the massive tune “Woman In Blue” from the iconic Levi’s TV ad. However the last decade-and-a-half has seen Pepe Deluxé evolve into musical archaeologists, their album Beatitude (2003) saw them tracking down obscure studio gear and new inventions, followed by the conceptual album Queen of the Wave (2012) which featured – among other oddities – The Great Stalacpipe Organ, the largest musical instrument in the world, located deep down underground in Luray, Virginia.

The playful underground hip hop DJ attitude is still audible, but Pepe Deluxé are now as much a madcap professorial fusion of Joe Meek, Phil Spector and a young DJ Shadow. They have reached an apex of eccentric brilliance with Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1. They call it “an impossible adventure” and it is one, capturing the ghosts of endless lost instruments, and placing them amidst music abuzz with life.

“Imagine you could only see albums by The Beatles or The Rolling Stones in museums, not listen to them,” says James, “Well, the same thing has happened with all these instruments. In our cabinet of curiosities, you can enjoy them without even knowing anything about them.”

Pepe Deluxé
Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1
(Catskills Records)
Digital Street Date: October 22, 2021
Physical Street Date: November 26, 2021

Track List:

1. General Deluxé
2. Girl From Satanville ft. Demon Fuzz
3. A Morning Beautiful
4. 22nd Century Dandy
5. Big Fat Woodpecker
6. Halls of Kalevala
7. Fire Up The Crimson Lion
8. Sommerland
9. Placebo PCB-1
10. Tyger Boy, Rocket Boy


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