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Listen to Foamboy’s new single, “Not A Go”

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photo credit: Nathan Schmidlin

Today Portland band Foamboy are back with “Not A Go,” their first single since their 2021 debut LP, My Sober Daydream. Stream the new single HERE via new label N.I.T.A. Records.

Katy describes the song’s origins:
“‘Not A Go’ is about being stuck in a “flirtationship” that isn’t going anywhere. It’s about finally giving up on it, killing your hope of it ever progressing, accepting that the person will treat you this way as long as you let them. It’s about reclaiming your own agency! I found myself trying to grow out my buzz cut quicker in order to look more feminine and appeal to this person, and then I realized that that makes no sense! And no matter what length my hair was, this dude had no intentions other than to waste my time.”

Foamboy are a Portland-based duo comprised of producer Wil Bakula and vocalist Katy Ohsiek. They met in Salem, OR and worked together for a number of years in the experimental musical collective Chromatic Colors. In this group, Wil and Katy collaborated with a wide variety of instrumentalists, released 2 full-length albums, and graced the stages of many outdoor festivals, bars, and basements. In the events of 2020, Wil and Katy took this time to take on a new project, and Foamboy came to be.

Foamboy’s 2021 debut album, My Sober Daydream, is a neat package of jazz-inspired danceable pop with a hyper-personal lyrical edge. Listeners will enjoy influences of disco and funk styles while being reminded of artists like The Internet, Men I Trust, and Thundercat. The lyrics wrangle with topics of identity, relationships, gender dynamics, and late-stage capitalism; the delivery of these lyrics akin to a conversation over the phone with your best friend. Katy’s melodies twist and float over Wil’s rich, synth-centric soundscapes.

“No matter what twists and turns Foamboy throw into each song, the album overall has a fluid feeling as synth movements build and blend, tied together by Ohsiek’s relatable, candid lyrics.”  Audiofemme

“progressive without pretension, avant garde with honesty.”
– Tuned Up

“This disco-meets-pastel-groove business meanders about topics concerning identity, relationships, gender dynamics, and late-stage capitalism … this duo has arranged the coolest-sounding closing argument on human nature in a mighty long time.”
– 48hills

Tour Dates

7/10 –  Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR (Single Release Show)
8/11 – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR (w/ Papercuts)
8/13 – Olympic – Boise, ID

“Not A Go”
(N.I.T.A. Records)
Street Date: July 8, 2022


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