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“In the book, Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music, Markus Popp (Oval) describes his albums Ovalprocess (2000) and Ovalcommers (2001) as “an alternative rhetoric to the production of electronic music.” Twenty years after Popp described challenging the rhetoric, we think he continues to challenge it today. Hearing someone say they are “setting up an environment” or “working with an environment” for a remix speaks to the generative scope of the process. The result becomes a really interesting, unique remix. 

Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner is featured on the original song “Just Smile.” Oval’s remix treats the voice as a color embedded among other timbres, weaving through a fragmented, pulsing, textural landscape. The song is accompanied by a video Directed by Andrew Peterson and Produced by Andrew Peterson and Merchandise’s Carson Cox.” -Gone To Color

Gone To Color (GTC) is the rock/electronic duo Tyler Bradley Walker and Matt Heim. They met at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in 2004, and in 2010, began collaborating while pursuing doctorates in music composition. They began creating their debut album in 2013 with recording sessions at John McEntire’s Soma Electronic Music Studios in Chicago accompanied by Brian Deck (Modest Mouse / Grandaddy), who eventually co-produced the debut. They also recorded at studios in Chicago, Nashville, and in Atlanta.

The duo’s eclecticism makes categorization hard to pin down, especially due to Heim and Walker synthesizing their instrumental compositions through open collaborations with other artists.

Gone To Color’s first album was released in October of 2021 and featured the artists Martina Topley-Bird, Pat Sansone of Wilco, Angus Andrew of Liars, Ade Blackburn of Clinic, Carson Cox of Merchandise, Jessie Stein of The Luyas, Kurt Wagner of Lambchop, Luke Reynolds of Guster, and Richard Devine.

Gone to Color – The RMXS, due January 27, 2023, showcases GTC’s debut through the lens of the artists Plaid, Oval, Tarwater, The Field, Daniel Myer, and Answer Code Request.

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Gone To Color

Release Date: Jan. 27, 2023

Track List:

1. The 606 feat. Jessie Stein (The Field Remix)
2. Dissolved feat Martina-Topley Bird (Plaid Remix)
3. Suicide feat. Angus Andrew (Daniel Myer Remix)
4. Voyeur Nation feat. Carson Cox (Tarwater Yello Remix)
5. Just Smile feat. Kurt Wagner (Oval Remix)
6. Illusions feat. Ade Blackburn (Answer Code Request Remix)
7. Voyeur Nation feat. Carson Cox (Tarwater Goya Remix)
8. Suicide (Daniel Myer Instrumental Remix)


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