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STREAM – “Operation” –
YouTube / Week In Pop

“Is it ambient? Chillwave? Vaguely emo? When the climax hits…the answer is: kind of all 3, but also a mysterious 4th option that puts the band in league with groups like The Wake or even The Cranberries”

“This feels like just the sort of awakening a new year needs, a band who seemed to have timed their emergence to perfection, like the first snowdrops of a passing winter, they’re here to remind us of the passing of time and the promise each year offers us of something new and beautiful to admire.” -For The Rabbits

“The band at times hits the heights of indie euphoria and at other moments dives deep into melancholy, but manages to trace moments of alluring emotive grace at each extreme”       -Under The Radar

“‘Operation‘ is a song where I focused hugely on the sound of it in the recording studio. The textures of the song are so varied. The aim was to make it a very commanding, direct and almost robotic sounding song that can blow your head off a bit. The lyrics are about that pesky algorithm and our reliance as people on the internet and computers. I hear My Bloody Valentine, I hear The Horrors and I hear Deerhunter to an extent.” -Samuel Jones

Originally hailing from the Thames estuary coastal town of Southend-on-sea but now residing in London, First Day Of Spring, a 5 piece outfit led by Samuel Jones’ songwriting, has bloomed.

First Day Of Spring‘s music has various themes, from storytelling and autobiographical descriptions of a creative TRYING in their twenties to a focus on sound, euphoric & exuberant, or through gentle melancholic stillness, taking the listener out of their own reality is the aim of the songwriting. Ultimately, First Day Of Spring wants you to feel something.

2022 featured the band playing gigs across London after having released their first debut single, “Stupid” and their second titled “Days,” and through those releases, they’ve been featured on the likes of BBC Introducing and many more.

Their influences range from such luminaries as Sparklehorse, Spiritualised, Modest Mouse, Silver Jews, Sonic Youth, The Clean, Cleaners From Venus & Cocteau Twins.



March 4 – London – The Victoria

First Day of Spring
Fly Over Apple Blossom EP
Feb. 24, 2023
Pre-order it HERE

Track List:

1. Death Day (Sing To Me)
2. Operation
3. Moon Boy
4. Normal Person (Love You Forever)