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STREAM: “DRAMACIDAL” (feat. Fatboi Sharif) –
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STREAM: “RAGS ANONYMOUS” (feat. Rhys Langston) –
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Champion Poundcake is an underground haunt of a producer, and veteran of the Brooklyn punk scene who is dropping his first project featuring Fatboi Sharif and Rhys Langston today on the N.I.T.A. label. The first release in an ongoing series, Split Single, Vol. 1 features explorations experimenting with different audible flours, sugars, yeasts and other audio culinary textiles.

artwork by Jennifer Calandra / Lettering by Christian Gordy

Champion Poundcake
Split Single, Vol. 1
(N.I.T.A. Records)
Street Date: Feb. 10, 2023

Track List:

A: “DRAMACIDAL” (Feat. Fatboi Sharif)
B: “RAGS ANONYMOUS” (Feat. Rhys Langston)


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